We LOVE Halloween!


The “boy” is getting excited for Halloween (and the removal of the air conditioners) – In Honor or our favorite holiday and instead of posting Halloween re-runs all month, we decided to give Halloween it’s very own page!

….and they cancelled Halloween (Part One)

It was Friday, October 28, 2011 we were gearing up for a marathon Halloween weekend. Now,  I can be a lot of pressure on Halloween, I know this, but my friends seem to put up with it and fortunately DC loves Halloween as much as I do, so the “pressure” is not too much for him; he enjoys it.   Continue


….and they cancelled Halloween – Part Two

Monday, morning came. It was Halloween and still no power. I regularly take Halloween off from work, so luckily we did not have anywhere to be. DC had his ‘un-toasted’ toast for breakfast. I realized in my fervor to find coffee the day before, I never had anything to eat (“The Storm Diet” was a ‘terrific’ diet while it lasted) – so I joined DC for some ‘untoasted toast’, went to work again on the ‘*RS Room’ and began mapping out a new coffee hunt  Continue


but….. no one will know what you are supposed to be

In the event that it still isn’t apparent to everyone…….. I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and I couldn’t be happier that DC loves it as much as I do!

“But, no one will know what you are supposed to be”, is something I have been told quite often on Halloween over the years. I sometimes have a very odd sense of what is funny or what, I’m sure other people will get. They don’t always ‘get it’ but I am cracking myself up so no one else needs to join in.  Continue


“Jim Dear?” – Not this year….


“No Jim Dear”…. (shhhh… it just may be)

Last night we attended the 50th Anniversary Gala for the summer camp that DC attends. DC loves to wear a suit so he was all for it.
After running up the stairs a good 3 to 4 times to “look in the mirror” and admire his handsome self – he came down wearing the “Jim Dear” Hat!   Continue


Leave the shoe; take the chocolate…..

When he was young, he’d wear his costume and we would drive to the houses of family members and friends, only time for 4 or 5 stops, but it was enough for him. When he was a little bit older we added Trick-Or-Treating at a few houses close by to our evening. He always had a hard time trying to figure out why we were going to the door and ringing the doorbell but we weren’t going inside. I had to stop him at every door from trying to walk right into people’s houses.  Continue


“Fezzes are cool”

As costumes go, this year was really not all that difficult.

  • He chose costumes that actually existed.
  • We were able to find all of his requests in his size.
  • The two that I did have to buy in pieces to make up the costumes were not all that difficult to put together because the pieces actually exist.Continue


Jump Magic, Jump!

I have tried for many years to get DC to watch the movie Labyrinth. I always loved it and I just thought that he would too.

Of course he would! How could he not just love it as much as I do?

He didn’t…..

Not one bit….   Continued


The Babe With the Power…. a Halloween Wrap-Up

When DC and I picked out his costumes two weeks ago for this, my favorite holiday, I was a little bit disappointed.

Until… after the chosen costumes arrived of course, we came upon something so much better. I was not thrilled about the Santa and Elf he had chosen for us to wear on Halloween night (I know… not… about… me) so I was glad and he was excited to happen upon a fabulous replacement.    Continue


Be careful what you wish for…

3 years ago today DC was so excited to find a princess at a dance he attended.
She was shy at first, especially with Robin Hood stimming wildly 3 inches from her face.
When I got him to calm down and act like a ‘Jet-tle-man’ (DC speak) she decided that he was going to spend every moment of this dance with her.
They danced a bit but she was happiest marching around the perimeter of the gym and dragging him with her.  Continue 


Halloween Is Our Thing – #FinishTheSentenceFriday


I have been an avid fan for as long as I can remember. If I am honest I am sure that some of my love for the “holiday” comes from me being able to be someone other than myself. I am sure this was the case when I was a kid and I think a little bit of that feeling of not having to be me for one night has carried over into adulthood. Continue


Costumes…. back to an old favorite.

It’s been busy ’round here and before I knew what happened, it is the end of September with ……

Wait for it……

Halloween right around the corner and we are just now “getting ready”.

If you are new here, you might not understand that last sentence. Continue


Halloween – Please Be Kind #autism

DC always enjoyed the costume and candy part of Halloween, but it took years before he really understood the waking around to get said candy and years after that before he understood that he could not walk into people’s houses. Continue


The Costume Parade Is Lacking This Year

……. but we DO have “Jim Dear”

As Halloween’s go, this could be the “lowest key” low-key Halloween we have ever had.

This post, which would normally be our “Halloween Wrap-Up” post is not much of a wrap-up post at all. Continue



A Pandemic and Halloween

As you may or may not know, DC LOVES Halloween. He looks forward to Halloween just as much as he looks forward to Christmas.

We really don’t know what Halloween will look like this year but I better think of something because DC is READY! I don’t know if he can face another cancelled activity or disappointment this year.Continue


“Just Another Guy in a Suit”

It has certainly been a minute since I have posted anything about DC here.

After a year and and almost a half of being at home due to the pandemic, I started back at work a couple of days a week back in July (2021).

I have to admit that I got used to being home and I am finding it difficult managing my time since going back to work. I can’t put my finger on what the problem is, since I was able to keep up with everything before the pandemic while working full time, but this is the way it is – for now. – Continue


The Halloween Squash

Year after year, I throw the old pumpkins under the back (side?) deck after Thanksgiving.

Yes, I have noticed from time to time, a few vines and orange flowers growing under said deck, but never a pumpkin.

I didn’t often look at the side of the house this year, since I didn’t plant any flowers out there this season, but sometime in August, I noticed the ‘pumpkin’ vine was growing out from under the deck. – Continue