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events  A Series of Ridiculous Events

Many of my stories are about my son, DC and his autism. I suppose this is one of them, in a round-about kind of way. Ten years later, this series of mishaps still makes me shake my head and laugh.

DC does not like to have “baby-sitters”. He is good with the people he had after school and now that he is finished with school, the people he has after work.  He is fine with that because they are here when he gets home and I am not; I am still at work. If I am home and then leave him with someone; that is a whole different ball game. Continue


Guest Blog: From Awareness Grows Hope – Kicking Off Asbestos Awareness Week 2014

By: Heather Von St. James

Every year, 3000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma.

In 2005, I was one of them.

I had never worked with asbestos, but my father did, and secondhand exposure as a child was enough to make me sick decades later. I was lucky, able to make a miraculous recovery through surgery. But I experienced for myself the fear, pain and suffering this disease can cause, and I believe I’ve found my calling fighting for victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases. Continue


alarmThe Alarm went off and Mom has lost her mind

Have you ever come across a meme online that has you convinced that the creator must be following you, or spying on you – because obviously this meme was created just for you?

Today my friend, Audrey shared this meme on Facebook, I don’t know where it originated but I laughed out loud because this just happened to me. Continue


#StopDropAnd……… (just for fun)

Last week I received an invitation to participate in a pod-cast. I won’t mention the name here as I didn’t ask for permission to write about it, but the overview given to me was:

I want to provide fierce women like me soul food, share
stories, exchange the good, the bad and the ugly and create an
environment where we discuss the hard stuff.

Immediately, I felt sick to me stomach. Continue


PBSD& Peanut Butter

You can not imagine how much I love this meme and I am sorry –  I just have to share. (found on instagram)

Just in case you were not aware of my Peanut Butter addiction….. here you go:

(from #StopDropand…. just for fun – September 2014)   Continue


essex  I walked @CharityMiles for ………..

My Facebook status yesterday:

” I walked 4.445 @CharityMiles for @wwpinc (Wounded Warrior Project) sponsored by @TimexSports! — at Essex Street Pedestrian Mall.”  Continue


typos#WhatsYourSuperPower……. Proofreading, it is NOT!

The latest instagram Hashtag #WhatsYourSuperPower,  really has nothing to do with the content of this post. The hashtag did get me thinking about the Superpower that I sorely lack – Proofreading……

As is probably apparent to anyone that reads my blog, I have a hard time proofreading. I mean, I proofread until I can’t stand the content anymore, but still I can’t seem to get it right.

I realized that one of my problems with proofreading is that as I am “reading”, I am not really reading the words on the screen, I am “reading” in my head what I know the piece is supposed to say,   Continue


2014 – My Blogging Year…… Thanks!

We were away for what seems like a very long time, now that we are home, but actually it was only 8 days. I am behind on my reading and writing, but that is what a vacation is for, right? I did pre-schedule a rerun to post while we were away and I managed to complete and publish another that had already been started, on my phone.

– We all know I have a typo problem already;  you should see what happens when I type on a phone –

The bottom line is that we were away for the Holidays, so I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I would also like to thank you all for reading this year.  Here’s looking ahead to 2015!  Continue


llapLLAP “Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.”

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.” ~ Mr. Spock

I’ve been in love with Star Trek and Mr. Spock since the very first episode aired back in the 60’s.

I loved the adventures in space. Continue


liebsterawardLiebster Awards and the blogs that I love!

Last night I was notified that I had been nominated for a “Liebster Award” by Autism Mom. First and foremost I’d like to thank Autism Mom for including my blog in her list of nominations. I enjoy reading her blog everyday and I am honored that she takes the time to read and comment on mine.

I had never heard of this award before, so after a little bit of searching, I did come across the award and the rules – but many different variations of the rules. Becoming rather confused, I decided to link to Autism Mom’s explanation of this award (here) and follow the rules that she used in her piece. – Yes… I took the easy route…  Continue


lostaversaryHappy Lost-aversary #LOST #WeHaveToGoBack

It has been 5 years – 5 years since the LOST series finale. May 23, 2010 – Five Years! It does not seem that long.

LOST was one of the handful of TV shows that I always made a point of watching in real-time (Eureka and the Walking Dead are the others). First thing in the morning when I arrived at work the day after a new LOST episode *Al and I would discuss the entire show from beginning to end – theories, theories, theories. As soon as lunchtime hit, *Dustin would be in my office and we’d go through the whole thing again. Continue  


MusicBlog Titles…. Don’t ya know that I love my music?

This is just going to be one of those posts that is fun for me and really not “autism-related”, except to say that much like DC, I always have music in my head – always. And also much like DC, I can pull out an obscure or very old song or just a line from a song and actually think people will recognize it.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I use quite a few song titles, lyrics or variations thereof as blog titles. I do this because music is always the first thing that pops into my head when giving a title to a blog.   Continue


1000speakpage #1000speak – 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion



Mad Men…. “A thing like that” – A brilliant end to a brilliant series

DC Hat

I realize that I am a couple of weeks behind all of the hoopla surrounding the Mad Men finale. I was out of the country on vacation the night of the finale episode. Please don’t think that I waited until I came home a week later to watch it though…. Oh NO! I made sure that I packed DC’s Kindle for this and only this reason. I did have to wait until the day after before it came up on Amazon Prime but as soon as we got back to the room on Monday night, I was watching. Continue


The search is ON!statsstats 

Every once in a while Invisible Strings publishes a post listing the “search terms” that brought readers to his site. I do not know if this is a regular thing that he does, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than one. His “search engine” posts are usually written to make a specific point (this post is not). I always find those posts interesting of course due to the point he is making but also because I love the fact that we are able to find these “search terms”. Continue


confusedSomething’s coming…Could it be? Yes it could…….Old Age or just losing my mind?

This is one of those posts that I put together and save to post later when we are away or when I am really busy and really don’t have the time to write (or, when I have been sick most of the week). Like the “Blog Title Series” (Series? Yes, there’s more), they are very often off topic or “fluff”. I like fluff, sometimes fluff is fun.

So when I say “the other day”, it may have really been the other day when I wrote this, but I never know how long these posts will sit before they are actually published….  Continue


all dayAll Day Music (or Blog Titles – Part Two)

Yesterday a friend of mine pointed out that I haven’t had a very easy “run of things” over the past month or so. This is true. Most of it has not been anything really major (aside from DC’s seizure, of course), but everything all at once on top of each other has really thrown the proverbial wrench in the works around here.  I don’t normally like to publish back-to-back “fluff” pieces or back-to-back reruns, but right now “that’s all ‘she’ wrote”. So please bear with me through one more “fluff” piece, read some of the old posts with “musical titles” listed below and remember that I really did give you prior warning about the “Blog Title Series” 🙂  Continue


In Search of Stars Hollow

Just a little quirky trip to celebrate my birthday….
 ~ Leonard Nimoy

Join us as we go ‘In Search of” Stars Hollow: (see what I did there?) Continue


You are now entering #Haven – A place to leave your ‘troubles’ behind

Recently we took a trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I have already highlighted DC’s favorite parts of the trip but now, here are my favorite places and sights –

To satisfy the Geek in me, we go “In Search Of” ………………………….. Continue


Memorial Day: The Vietnam Wall and Remembering Uncle “T”

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was very aware of the Vietnam War. I may not have understood the politics of it, but I was acutely aware of the turmoil that was going on in the country at the time. I do remember desperately wanting to be a “hippie” so that I could protest with them. Continue



After having oral surgery and becoming VERY tired of eating soup, I went searching through my refrigerator and cabinets for some more exciting “soft food” when I came across a can of frosting in one of my cabinets.

Why did I have a can of frosting?  Continue


I got distracted on Star Trek Day

I have been re-watching the Star Trek series over the last year and a half/two years now. Because some of my perspectives have changed, I was ready to write about it on September 8th; Star Trek Day, but I got distracted and almost completely missed Star Trek Day altogether. Continue


It’s the dentist’s fault

Last week, I posted a Throwback Thursday post on my face book page. It was about some of the ridiculous things, you know, things that make you wonder, that I had done over the last few years.

Reading it over and altogether, I resemble a walking disaster area, but they happened over a long span of time so it probably wasn’t as bad as it appeared to be on paper.

While reading it over, I realized that there was a more recent “biggie” that should have been added to the list. Continue


 Guest Post: Restaurant Pet Peeve – By Doug #DougSpeaks

((off topic))
Since this site seems to be the site for my complaints (usually about the dentist, the neurologist or the eye doctor), I thought I’d have Doug take a crack at one of his pet peeves.

Doug is not usually one to complain (shhhh, don’t tell him I said that), that is my job. He normally lets things go – too often in my opinion. When something happens over and over again to the point where he actually wants to write about it  Continue


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