If You “Don’t Mind”

I came across a meme a few weeks ago. I do not even remember where I saw it, but I did see it more than once.

It read (paraphrasing):

Please share if you don’t mind having a LGBTQ+ person in your family….

If you don’t mind

If you don’t mind?

I imagine all were posted by people who thought they were being… oh so supportive.

If you don’t mind???????

Let’s look at this from a different angle, shall we?

How supportive would you appear to be if you shared a meme that read:

Please share if you don’t mind having an autistic individual in your family


Please share if you don’t mind having a disabled individual in your family

Please share if you don’t mind having an overweight individual in your family

A person dealing with mental health issues –

A person of color –

A red head, a blonde…..

Insert any adjective used to describe a person or group and you can and should be able to  see that “not minding” is not only insulting but not very inclusive.

If you want to be supportive of this or any community, then be supportive.

Support is not holding yourself up as better than the person or community you are trying to support – or should I say; that you don’t mind supporting.

If you cannot be supportive without marginalizing a community, or giving back-handed “support” then please just don’t say anything at all..

Believe me – most of us doing the reading won’t mind.