A Pandemic and Halloween

(AKA: Quarantine Diaries – Part 21)

As you may or may not know, DC LOVES Halloween. He looks forward to Halloween just as much as he looks forward to Christmas.

We really don’t know what Halloween will look like this year but I better think of something because DC is READY! I don’t know if he can face another cancelled activity or disappointment this year.

The thought of Halloween did not kick in as early as it usually does with him, but once it did, it was all I heard about.

It was hard not being able to give him any answers. I could tell him that there probably wouldn’t be the many parties that he is used to attending, but other than that – I could not say what would happen on Halloween night.

I did try to prepare him for not being able to trick or treat – just in case.

But we also needed to find some other Halloween themed activities because IT was October and October is all about Halloween from beginning to end.

As it turned out, we were able to find a few Halloween activities that were outdoors and/or drive through.

(Warning: We have come to the potion of the program where you are forced to look at my Halloween photos… You knew it was coming.)

We made our pumpkin purchases. DC loved the pumpkins with the warts. I did too.

Pumpkin Town: This was a drive through and it was really cute. Perfect set-up for a pandemic, but I think it is something we will do even after all of this is over (whenever that may be). DC especially loved the big pumpkin in the middle of “town”, which of course reminded him of Halloween Town. (Disney).

DBD Day: DC, Doug, BB and Doug’s friend went out for “Boys Day Out” (which has been renamed Doug, BB and DC’s <DBD> Day, but since there was another attendee, we stuck with the old name this time) at the corm maze. Masks were worn and dining was outdoors.

Camp Party:

So what can I say about Camp that has not already been said? Just as they did with on-line summer camp (you can read about that here), they went above and beyond for this on-line party.

Normally the camp parties begin with a pumpkin hunt and the painting of the found pumpkins. I wondered what they would do to replace the biggest part of the Halloween party.

Around 8pm the night before the party, I received a call from the camp director asking if I was home.

“We’re in your driveway”

The director and assistant director came to deliver a pumpkin, paint and other goodies for the party the next day! DC was totally excited to see them at our door! These people drove around delivering supplies to all of the campers that RSVP’d! Amazing!

Now… maybe I should have known this, but I “attended” the last board meeting via phone (I have not been to a board meeting any other way since the pandemic began, because I don’t want to bring DC to an indoor meeting).

I was listening to the meeting via Doug’s phone and all of a sudden, I could not hear anything. I kept yelling “Hello” but there was nothing. Thinking he had lost the connection, I called back.

I could hear for awhile and then nothing again.

More yelling and nothing.

I called back a third time and Doug said “Why don’t you just forget it. I’ll let you know what happens.” So I thought he was just having a hard time with his phone out at camp.

Later, he told me that he could hear DC making noise in the background so he muted his phone (apparently he does not understand that when he mutes HIS phone, he is muting things on his end, not mine and he would not believe me when I tried to explain this to him).

So he is muting his phone and because I can’t hear anything – I am yelling “Hello, Hello”. He can’t figure out why his mute isn’t working so he kept hanging up on me! If he had told me that he could hear DC, I would have muted MY phone and that would have worked out perfectly. I honestly did not think DC was being loud at all.

Someone other then me needs to explain this to him.

Please and thank you.

DC only chose two costumes this year because we knew most of the other parties he normally attends would probably be cancelled.

He chose the Genie from the new Aladdin.

So when we bought the costume, he did not want a blue face. Today, an hour before the online party, he decides he wants a blue face. I always buy powder eyeshadow for Halloween face colors (I don’t wear eyeshadow so it’s not like I have any hanging around – just what’s in the Halloween makeup box) and I was only able to find a container with just a little bit left. It’s hardly a blue face but it will have to do.

There was pumpkin painting and movie watching and music. DC broke into dance at one point. They had a fantastic time.

Salem: We haven’t been to Salem in years. Fortunately we have been so many times that we did not miss going to the regular museums or stores. It was nice just to be there – to eat outdoors, visit a few outdoor places and visit DC’s once favorite bookstore (due to the pandemic, we had to make an appointment and only so many people could go in at one time – that was fine with me).

Note: The crowds you see in two of these photos were people waiting to get into stores. We did not have to walk through them. There was plenty of space for distancing on the right of these sections.

ARC Drive-Up: The ARC that DC attends many activities with during a regular year, scheduled a drive-up hot chocolate and goodie bag event,

Just something quick for all of these people who have not been to an activity since March.

Happy Haunted Hollow: Another drive-through event (which I believe is an annual thing, but usually a walk through).

Mrs. H stopped by today to drop of Halloween treats for DC. He was so happy to be able to see her today (he hasn’t seen her since March, when the world closed down). He was also happy for the treats. Last week his Aunt Lisa dropped off a Halloween bag of treats, including a new package of fake mustaches. Then we have the multiple band-aide packages that came in for him from my friend Amy in GA. (You know how Amazon takes one order and ships it in many boxes on many different days? – Well that shipping technique worked out just fine with DC). I am thankful for the people who understand just how important Halloween is to this boy and helped to make it a little more special for him this year. ❤️ 10-30-2020

Best Buddies Virtual Friendship Walk:

Doug stepped in to replace his buddy/friends since walking with me is boring. #BestBuddies #Virtual #Friendshipwalk #SPN

We did not have a new costume for this, so I ventured into my costume closet and was able to put together “Castiel” and “Bobby” (Supernatural) out of other costumes and regular clothes.

The trench coat was from his “Twin Peaks – Agent Dale Cooper” costume from a few years ago. We had the wings because he was going to be the “Teen Angel” to my “Beauty School Drop Out” for a party in the Cape that was cancelled due to the pandemic back in April.

I think the only thing I had to buy was Bobby’s beard. I suppose I could have asked Doug not to shave for a few days but, you know me…

My niece commented that Doug’s “Bobby” was spot-on. While I take full credit for all costumes (he really doesn’t know who he is dressed as. I guess all of those Supernatural conventions did not stick) I thought he also looked like the creepy lumberjack version of Dexter.

Halloween Night:

On Halloween morning, we still did not know what we were doing Halloween night. Much of the town had announced earlier in the month that they would be giving out candy, but then the pandemic numbers began to rise and people were beginning to rethink the situation.

I knew I HAD to bring him somewhere in costume. We planned to visit his Grandmother early, before it got dark because I did not want her to have to put her porch light on, since she was not intending on giving out candy this year.

By mid-morning I received a call from Tonya, Salli’s mother, who had called around their neighborhood to see if anyone would be out giving candy. She got enough affirmatives to make it worthwhile. Trust me, DC would have been happy with one or two houses, as long as he was able to do it in costume.

Grandma’s House:

Knowing that she would not be giving out candy and not wanting her to have to go out and get anything, I told her that I would bring something for her to put in his bag.

Grandma: Oh no! I’ll pick up something. I want to.

(My mother would spend all day, every day in Stop and Shop if she was able.)

Me: Okay, but don’t get carried away. Really, just a piece of candy to put in his bag.

Grandma: Oh, don’t worry.

(Please note the size of the “gift” bags. This is not getting carried away.)

Salli’s House:

As we were driving home from my mother’s at 4:30 – in broad daylight, I noticed a whole lot of people out in their yards with their candy tables and firepits already set up and kids already walking around in costume.

Panicked, I called Tonya because I thought I had missed something. Did they announce that Halloween would begin earlier? Did I miss this announcement? I asked my neighbor who was out with her candy, but she just said she was getting anxious and came out early. I told her that she was not the only one out early.

Fortunately Doug had already arrived to give out candy at my house while we were out. So he got himself set up in the yard with his candy grabber in time for a bunch of kids to come by.

My other neighbor was confused and asked “Don’t they usually trick-or-treat when it gets dark?”. I didn’t have an answer for him, but they got ready to give out candy early as well.

By the time we left for Salli’s, we had already gotten more kids than we have had in years (there is no rhyme or reason for the amount of kids or the absence of kids in any given year). Doug did tell me later, that no one else came the rest of the evening.

DC and Salli made the rounds and went enough places for both of them to be happy. We were missing Candi this year because they were dog-sitting out of town, so Halloween was almost normal, but they missed their friend.

I have to say that I liked the earlier hour and the fact that most people were outside giving out their candy.

The Candy: I had already talked to DC about the trick-or-treat candy. I bought candy for him to have when he got home. There was enough in number and of an assortment to keep him happy on Halloween night.

I told him that we would put his trick-or-treat candy away for about a week (because of “the sickness”). I was not wiping down all those pieces of candy.

He was fine with that.

We came home.

He had some pizza.

He had some candy.

He was fine.

Not a bad Halloween after all.