The Dentist and Other Annoyances

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THE Ultimate Toothbrush….really!

 DC always had a problem with brushing his teeth. Like most things hygiene-wise, if he cannot see it, he does not understand it. If his hands are not dirty (dirt that he can actually see) then why should he have to wash his hands so often? Why take a shower, wash his face, brush his teeth? If he can’t see it, it does not exist. No amount of explanation on my part makes it any clearer to him. He does all of these “chores” because I tell him to and only because I tell him to. And because it is something that I am telling him to do he, not really understanding, will pretty much just go through the motions. Yes, he is sent back to do it again and yes, many times I have to stand there to be sure he is doing it correctly or just do it myself.  (Continue)

Maybe he’s getting used to the dentist too?

Two weeks ago
At the dentist with DC, realizing that I am actually sitting in the waiting room and trying to remember just when that change happened.  (Continue)


Holy Inappropriate Conversation, Batman! – Stories from the Dental Chair

I had a dental appointment last week. Years ago, I requested never to be scheduled with one particular hygienist. The first time I saw her, I left there feeling as if my mouth had been ripped apart. As it turned out, she has a child with autism. I made the mistake of telling her that DC also has autism. Mistake? Yes! Mistake! This was the most uncomfortable and painful appointment I have ever had! Painful – because the more she talked about her son the more aggressively she cleaned my teeth. Uncomfortable – because the stories she felt compelled to tell me about him were just unbelievably inappropriate (in my opinion) and very uncomfortable for me.  (Continue)


It’s the dentist’s fault….

Last week, I posted a Throwback Thursday post on my face book page. It was about some of the ridiculous things, you know, things that make you wonder, that I had done over the last few years.

Reading it over and altogether, I resemble a walking disaster area, but they happened over a long span of time so it probably wasn’t as bad as it appeared to be on paper.

While reading it over, I realized that there was a more recent “biggie” that should have been added to the list.

I am always willing to make fun of myself.. (Continued)


Texts from the Dentist

Since September is turning out to be my month to complain and be just plain B#&%hy,  I may as well just continue… (believe me, I’ve got more)

Just a little “annoyance”

Most dentists and doctors use text messaging these days to confirm appointments. I really don’t mind that. Since my phone is always with me, I can check on appointments by looking at my messages. (Continue)


Now that the dental venting of the program has come to an end (NEVER!), we will be moving on to the eye doctor portion of the program…


Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early….

(My friend over at Seriously Not Boring posted something the other day that reminded me to finish this post – a post that I started after a status she posted back in March, 2016 )

One of my pet peeves, is scheduling an appointment with the doctor and then being told during your confirmation/reminder call to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for paperwork purposes.  (Continue)


Never fear…. there is so much more ahead..


On to …. the Neurologist

The day the doctor decided to explain my 26 year old son’s autism to me….. (Feb 2018)

DC has a standard appointment with his neurologist once every three months. The appointment described below was 6 months ago. I started writing about it at the time but got sidetracked by my many dental issues. He had an appointment in November that was uneventful and another today that we will cover at a later date.  (Continue)