Look at my daughter and tell me she is not worth keeping alive #Medicaid (A Partnered Post)

We have heard (and read) about how the people who may lose Medicaid coverage from the proposed cuts, “can just go out and get a job” with an employer that provides medical coverage….

For those of us with disabled children, “getting a job” is not a solution. Many of us work and have medical coverage through our employers. Every employer does not provide the same level of coverage and the cost of medications, treatments and therapies are often far more expensive and go above and beyond what even the best health insurance policies are willing to pay.

My friend *Ally posted the following today. Her delightful daughter, *Hope has multiple physical and intellectual disabilities. She loves baseball and her “guys” (baseball players). She loves her life and lives it to the fullest. It is always a joy to see what she is up to via her mother’s posts.

She lives her life to the fullest with the help of her parents, her family, her “guys”, her doctors, medication, treatments and yes… medicaid.

Used with permission:

Medicaid: We depend on it to fill the gaps to help keep *Hope alive.

27 vials of life saving insulin.

Three month supply.

This might last us the whole 3 months if we are lucky.

Each vial retails for around $250.



$6750 in life sustaining medication.

This is not an optional medication.

Without insulin *Hope would die.

We are very lucky that we have Medicaid and military insurance….. for now.

The proposed cuts to Medicaid affect us.

Without it, we would be unable to cover the medications she needs.

Our military medical covers 80%.

Sounds great until you realize that Hope’s medications cost around $10,000 per month.

There are many many families like ours. Good jobs, pay plenty in taxes and have decent primary insurance who would be financially devastated by the proposed Medicaid cuts.

Take a look at my daughter and tell me that *Hope isn’t worth keeping alive because she has complicated medical issues.

We are not the first family you probably think of when you hear the word Medicaid, but we depend on it to fill the gaps to help keep *Hope alive.


For further explanation or examples about how Medicaid can be a lifeline to many families of children with disabilities, take a few minutes and watch/listen to a video or two (or three) from my friend over at Running Through Water. (also used with permission)

Vlogs are not my gig…but I keep falling behind in my writing. And I’ve been thinking about stuff… #SaveMedicaid 



How did my child’s assistance help you out today? Take two minutes to find out! 


 Medicaid cuts/decimation will affect everyone. Maybe even you.