“No Jim Dear”…. (shhhh… it just may be)

IMG_1282In an earlier post I wrote about the “Jim Dear” derby hat and how after many years of asking to be “Jim Dear” for Halloween, he decided against it – after I had purchased the hat and picked out a few steampunk suit options to surprise him.

Last night we attended the 50th Anniversary Gala for the summer camp that DC attends. DC loves to wear a suit so he was all for it.
After running up the stairs a good 3 to 4 times to “look in the mirror” and admire his handsome self – he came down wearing the “Jim Dear” Hat!


He ran back up to look in the mirror a few more times and returned with a moustache request. Much like his beloved Band-Aids, stick-on moustaches are another staple in our household.

I tried to talk him out of it but he insisted.


All-righty then, the moustache, it is!  I was hoping that he would decide to take it off before we arrived at the party.

He did not.

IMG_1310He wore it a good long time. He received many compliments on his moustache and was very happy with the attention. When we were still at home, he would not tell me who he was supposed to be but as soon as someone at the party asked him if his name was Charlie (Chaplin);  he promptly corrected them “No, Jim Dear!”

with Grandma

with Grandma

He did eventually take it off when it started to get itchy more than halfway through the event.

It is October.

He wore the hat.

He added the moustache.

Jim Dear?……………..Yes, this year.

I guess it just had to be his idea.

Good enough for me.

I will take it!

5 thoughts on ““No Jim Dear”…. (shhhh… it just may be)

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