“DC – isms”

Friends have suggested that I write down all of my son’s little lines – they have named them “DC-isms”

So here’s hoping I can remember them all!

**Sympathy = sorry. DC is in sympathy for sneaking chips.

** DC Just informed me that he needs to get his “Beauty Sleep”

** Mom, face turn around!

** I’m so exciting!”

**DC looking for his watch and pointing to his empty wrist – “Mom, where has the time gone?”

** Mom, I look ‘dor-a-bull’!

** Mom, your hair is a ‘de-aster’!

**I have a Heady-ache

**  I am perfectly ‘nis-a-bull’!”

*** Mom, that is ‘de-dusting’!

** Mom, I’m looking handsome!

**Happy Fifty-tooth Birthday, Mom!

**”You are the Best Mom I ever was”

**Mom, My arm is bothering you (When I hold his arm too long in a crowd)

**Enjoy the Fun

**”I’m sorry for taking 3 cookies on purpose”
(So he knows he shouldn’t have taken 3, he knows it wasn’t an “Axi – ent”, but “sorry” covers it and he’s going to keep them anyway)



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