Pandemic Diaries – Part 30: Fully Vaccinated

I may have mentioned this already, but back in March our state’s vaccination schedule removed any exception for disabilities and went to an age only schedule.

My age came up on March 1st. It took me three days of constant searches and 1000 websites to schedule my two doses. Yes, the 1000 websites is an exaggeration, but at the time – it sure felt that way.

On March 31st. I was fully vaccinated.

The way the schedule was set up, I did not think that DC would be eligible until mid to late May.

Before April hit, the state abandoned that schedule and opened vaccines up to anyone over the age of 16 beginning April 1st.

Yes, this was great for DC, but the downside was that the three days I spent looking for mine would now be multiplied because EVERYONE, not just a certain age group would be trying to book an appointment all at the same time.

8 days, and another 1000 websites later, I found him an appointment for April 28th. I booked it, but decided to keep looking for one a little bit sooner. At this point DC’s day program sent a few emails about DDS (Department of Developmental Services) clinics that were being set up specifically for people with disabilities and fortunately I was able to book an appointment for him on April 14th.

Given the fact that I had been very concerned about DC’s fear of vaccines in general, this option put my mind at ease a little bit. As it was set up specifically for people with disabilities, I knew they would have more patience with him if he fought the process.

After all of that searching and his vaccine was finally booked, I received a call from DC’s DDS caseworker asking if DC was scheduled for his vaccine and to let me know about these clinics (yes…he’s pretty worthless on a regular basis). I told him that I had received that information from his day program after 8 days of searching and yes, he does have an appointment.

He apologized for not getting this information to me sooner – he had a pinched nerve which <insert sarcasm font> I guess, made it impossible for him to use the phone, or email <end sarcasm font>.

I had been talking up the vaccine to DC since I received mine. I told him how important it was for “making ‘the sickness’ go away” – and you know how much DC wants ‘the sickness’ to go away. It was his birthday wish after all.

I have to say, he did really well. He got a little bit anxious, but nothing like when I used to have to bring his dad and Doug with me to his physician for extra muscle when he had to get a vaccine or a booster shot.

He got to go to the Dollar Store (which just happened to be two doors down from the vaccine clinic) and to outdoor- dining- lunch afterwards. We hadn’t been to a restaurant for outdoor dining since the day after Thanksgiving.

DC hasn’t been to Barnes and Noble (one of his favorite places) in well over a year. He’s scheduled for his second vaccine on May 5th. I told him that we could start going some places two weeks after his vaccine. I explained that he still would have to wear a mask etc.

I just went to put something on the calendar and noticed an addition… He figured out two weeks to the day!

Facebook Status – April 30, 2021

DC’s friend BB, had received his vaccine earlier that day at the same clinic, which meant they would both be going back on the same day for vaccine #2.

We decided, as a little extra incentive – to meet for lunch after their second shot. As it turned out, that extra incentive was necessary because DC was so much more anxious when we went for the second shot. I do not know why, as he did so well with the first.

While I was trying to calm him down, I mentioned that BB had already been there to have his vaccine and he was just fine. The woman administrating the shot asked if BB was DC’s brother. I told her that he was DC’s best friend. She then told DC that she was the one who gave BB his vaccine earlier and BB was just fine.

That seemed to help and he calmed down right away.

We waited our 20 minutes, went to the Dollar Store (of course DC hadn’t forgotten that it was right there) and went to meet BB and his mom for lunch.

We decided on a place that we knew had outdoor dining, but when we arrived the place was pretty much empty and as it had just started to rain, we opted for indoors. We hadn’t been inside of a restaurant since February for 2020.

DC had absolutely no after effects from the second vaccine. BB’s mom reported that BB was just extremely tired (which was exactly the way it went for me after my second.)

Needless to say, he was extremely proud of himself.

DC’s triumphant return to #BarnesAndNoble after more than 14 months! I felt as if there should have been balloons and streamers when he walked in!

Facebook May 19, 2021

Even though we are still wearing our masks in public, washing hands and taking many of the precautions we were taking before our vaccines, it just feels better now.

(I finally stopped myself from wiping down my groceries. I know most people stopped doing that months ago but I just couldn’t. Obviously I am having the harder time with re-entry.)


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