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The posts below are from another blog site that I use to copy my posts to as back up, (which I should make private, since I am saving them only for me as backup, but I do not know how to do that there). I also use it to post smaller Facebook status-like posts that I don’t want to clog up everyone’s email or reader with. I happen to like the little posts so…..

From Take Another Step – Life with DC  some of the smaller posts that do not appear on this site:

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Guest Post: RIP SPOCK – via: @Truewendyjane – Wendy Jane Grossman – Facebook poem-a-day (from your status updates)


Facebook poem-a-day (from your status updates)

spock!?!? I’m
in shock!
mr. spock through
the years
it is illogical to
discuss the
color of a dress…  (Continue)


In Search of Stars Hollow

img_3805Just a little quirky trip to celebrate my birthday….

~ Leonard Nimoy

Join us as we go ‘In Search of” Stars Hollow: (see what I did there?)…



Everything seems to be related



While flipping channels this morning – DC discovered Bewitched… I see it being added to his obsession with all things witches (Sabrina, Charmed, Twitches, Halloweentown). But the thing that first caught his eye was Agnes Moorehead who was Miss Snow in Pollyanna because everything is related and most things are related directly back to Disney….  (Continue)


Pens and Paper


Yesterday, Doug asked me why DC adds “markers” to his shopping list every week (along with paper, but he knows where the paper goes). “Does he use them up that quickly?”

Markers, like band aids, scotch tape, books and paper are just another obsession of DC’s. He just wants them. There are markers piled up everywhere. There is also a wooden case filled with all kinds of markers that are never used except when we go away (a rule made up in DC’s head) but still must be placed on the chair next to him everyday while he is using all of his “at home” markers…  (Continue)




Watching Star Trek TOS this morning:
“Mom, just like kitty cats!”
Me: DC, they are called Tribbles. They are little furry animals shaped like a ball. They are very cute but they have lots of babies, so they are going to be all over the ship pretty soon. Look at all of them that just fell all over Captain Kirk.
“Just like kitty cats” ……,  (Continue)

What is he up to?

hmmmmDC: “Mom! Your hair looks ‘loverly’ it looks so ‘grouchous’ ”

(believe me, it does NOT!)

Can we all agree that he is definitely up to something?

Later he came into the living room with coffee for me….  (Continue)


Speechless – It’s a Keeper

I decided to give “Speechless” a try today (I didn’t get to finish watching but the little but I saw was good). DC was on his iPad next to me – he looked up and screamed “Mason Cooke! Mason Cooke!”…  (Continue)


Just when I think he’s “got it”…….


DC attended his camp’s Halloween party yesterday.

The first activity every year is a pumpkin hunt. The campers pick a number out of a bin and then go out to find the pumpkin with the matching number on it (later they paint the pumpkins) – For some reason, DC was never able to fully understand this. He knew what number he had but never seemed to understand that he had to look at the bottoms of the pumpkins to find the same number… (Continue)


40 degrees and cold cuts


DC had an activity scheduled today with his ARC friends. A picnic at the beach. He went with Doug so I could stay home and put his room back together to make room for all of the things I had to buy for him (that I would have bought eventually , just not all at the same time – see latest blog post if you missed that saga). 
The only problem I have with these activities is when there is food involved, they don’t tell you what is being served ahead of time….  (Continue)


Be careful what you wish for…


3 years ago today DC was so excited to find a princess at a dance he attended.

She was shy at first, especially with Robin Hood stimming wildly 3 inches from her face.

When I got him to calm down and act like a ‘Jet-tle-man’ (DC speak) she decided that he was going to spend every moment of this dance with her…   (Continue)


Not so “Good Vibrations

There is a space between the kitchen counter and the stove where, this morning DC dropped his toothbrush.

He uses one of those 3 sided brushes but he also uses a vibrating brush (he was used to using that before I introduced the 3 sided so now he uses both – and yes, he brushes his teeth in the kitchen; that’s what works for him – don’t judge)…. (Continue)


Lorne, Spike and Angel – Facebook Memories


First: No glasses!

The only time he’ll remove his glasses other than for sleeping and showering is to have his picture taken on Halloween.

It is always amazing to me just how many other things, clothes, tags, textures, etc. bother him but he will sit though all of this! When he wants to be a character, he wants to go all the way. Loving Halloween as much as I do, I’m perfectly willing to oblige…. (Continue)


All questions are usually answered with a “Yes”

img_7323Verbal vs. Communication –

I have said many times before that although DC is verbal, communication is difficult for him.

There are times when he just does not understand the question. The concept of who, what, where, when and how is difficult for him.

There are times when he is just too distracted and gives a random answer to a question.

There are times when he is just tired of the questions and will say anything to make them stop….  (Continue)



Yesterday I was informed many times that we were “out of ‘abanas'”. If you follow this page at all you know this always seems to be thing. Yes we are out of bananas quite often because bananas are not something I can buy in large quantities ahead of time and save. They go bad too quickly.
So…. we are out of ‘abanas’ a lot. It can’t be helped…. (Continue)


The Election and a Parenting Fail

Like most of you, I was up most of the night. I stayed up until the bitter end.

This morning DC asked me if I was happy, which is something that he does often – he wants to make sure everyone is happy.

But he kept asking… so I tried to explain the election to him.

Because I know there is a lot more going on in his head than he can communicate … (Continue)




A Few Facebook Statuses and the excitement around Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We were away for the weekend which was all I heard about during the weeks beforehand.

In the car on the way home, Thanksgiving kicked in:… (Continue)



One Year Ago DC Watched Labyrinth


A year ago, David Bowie passed away. A year ago, I reintroduced DC to Labyrinth. I had not had much luck getting him to watch it in the past but a year ago, I felt it was my duty to get him through the entire movie just once…..

He was glad that I did…… (Continue)



Carole King and Curtain Calls


(the “I’m home from my program” daily call to me at work)

DC: Hi Mom! I’m home!
ME: Okay, is Doug there?
ME: What are your going to do?
DC: Going to the Li-ber-ary and shop.

(and right before he hung up)

Going to Car-u King.

ME: That’s right. I will be home soon…. (Continue)



When His Random Movie or Television Line Fits the Mood Perfectly


DC’s plans went a little bit haywire yesterday due to the storm.
The plan was to pick him up early because we were supposed to be getting snow and his program rarely closes early.
Doug offered to go and pick him up him at 1.
As it turned out, the driving conditions were much worse than anticipated and Doug got trapped on the highway for 3 hours (no exaggeration). I left work when it really started to come down and started driving in the direction of either home or DC’s program – whichever I needed to do…. (Continue)

YES! It’s too DARK!

DC and I went out to dinner last night with my brother and sister-in-law. DC was having a hard time when we first arrived. He was really looking forward to dinner all week so I know that part of it was his regular “arrival anxiety”, as I like to call it. I can’t be sure but I THINK the severity of it also had something to do with not being able to find a parking spot for a good long time – so much so, that I had to take him outside for a while until he could calm down. … (Continue)


It’s all about the ‘Wea-ver’


A collection of weather related page posts;
The day before the latest storm – Winter Storm Chris, I believe it was called…

The first thing that DC said to me tonight was “No work tomorrow” – I don’t know who told him that because his work has not been cancelled yet (many schools are already).
I had to explain that I did not know since we do not know how much it will snow. We’ll have to wait until morning to find out.
Now he’s standing in front of me staring at me because he says wants to go to work and I can’t make him understand that I just don’t know yet.
But… in DC-Land…. (Continue)



The Struggle is Real – More about the ‘Wea-ver”


Another morning of listening to “No ‘Wev-Ver’, No Wev-Ver’!!!” – while watching for delays and/or cancellations (freezing rain).
For those of you who are new here… I can not watch the weather without DC yelling about it because apparently not watching will keep any storm away…. The news? Nope.. the news is related to the ‘Wev-ver’…. Not allowed.
#NoNewsIsGoodNews  … (Continue)




“Mom! Happy ‘Val-lum-times’ Day coming soon two weeks!”
(Repeat every 10 minutes) – in case any of you were not aware and need to update your calendar……
You’re welcome!
#HappySaturday … (Continue)


You’re in my spot #YoureInMySpot











We all know that DC has his “spot” at the kitchen table. No one can sit in his chair, nor can one put anything down in his spot. Next to his spot is another chair that holds the books he must have beside him when he is in his “spot” (so technically he had two spots).
This morning DC was putting on his shoes while sitting in “Spot Number One” while I was LEANING on the chair at “Spot Number Two” ……. Leaning. … (Continue)


Calendars and #ItsWhatsNext










DC has his favorite places to buy used books. He had been bugging Mrs. H to go to one specific store all summer. She told him (because on camp days there isn’t a lot of time left over after she picks him up from camp and gets him home) that they would go ‘one day’ when camp ended for the summer. (Continue)


It’s Friday!!!!


The first thing DC said to me this morning (very loudly and very happily) “It’s Friday!”

Now DC is and always has been calendar obsessed, but usually due to #ItsWhatsNext not really about a certain day of the week.

Unlike most of us, DC has never gotten more excited about Friday or Weekend Days than any other day of the week…. (Continue)


Let’s Talk About Inspiration Porn…

From My Facebook Memories one year ago – (later, I read a post from my friend over at Running Through Water:- about this very same clip. Her post is linked at the end – give it a read)
– – –
Whether they meant to or not…, they nailed it! SNL, nailed viral disability videos and inspiration porn ….   (Continue)


IP Meetings (No ‘E” since he’s left the school system)



6 month IP (no “E”, he’s out of school) review meeting this morning – <insert sarcasm font> Can’t think of anything that I would enjoy more! <end sarcasm font> #FunTimes #WeDropTheEButTheFunRemains (Continue)


‘Chills’! My Favorite Place!


We celebrated DC’s Twenty Sixth (Twenty- Sixteen: DC-speak) this week. His favorite thing about his birthday (other than cake, parties and gifts, that is) is going “out to eat”. It is expected and he seems to do a good deal of “going out to eat” around birthday time.

There is also a very strict list of DC-approved foods for eating in restaurants. He will eat other things at home, but in a restaurant he must have: (Continue)