Finish the Sentence Friday #FTSF

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I guess this must be home..

I never felt as if I had a “hometown”. Of course I do, but I don’t have a special affinity to the town where I was born.

We moved away from the town where I was born when my mother re-married. I was five and my brother was 4. We moved away from her hometown to my stepfather’s home town. (Continue Reading)


That year we weren’t home for Christmas..

The holiday season is here and I will admit to having a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with holidays in general. I want to love them, I do, it just does not always work out that way.  I have reached the age where I should be able to place a 2 or 3 foot silver Christmas tree on a table somewhere and have that be the end of it, but I may never achieve that particular rite of passage because of course, DC loves the holidays. (Continue Reading)


What my nightmares are made of…

This week’s Finish The Sentence Friday prompt is: “I’m really afraid that/of…”

If you have been around here for any length of time, you know all too well what my nightmares are made of.

Dying, of course. I am sure that most people could say that they are afraid of dying, but when you have a child with autism, fearing your own death takes a whole new turn. (Continue Reading)


Halloween Is Our Thing – #FinishTheSentenceFriday


I have been an avid fan for as long as I can remember. If I am honest I am sure that some of my love for the “holiday” comes from me being able to be someone other than myself. I am sure this was the case when I was a kid and I think a little bit of that feeling of not having to be me for one night has carried over into adulthood. (Continue Reading)


To belong and to not belong

Feeling as if I do not belong has been a running theme through-out my life. Fortunately there have been people like Mr. Holmes scattered along the way
Before I begin, I have to say that I did enjoy elementary school. I know it is not going to sound like it. I had fun with my friends, the fun was much easier to be had when I could just blend into the background, not waiting to be the second to last person chosen for basketball, dodge ball or any other activity. (Continue Reading)


I Write Because….

Why I write?
I never really intended to write a blog. My blogging began one day when I was writing an extremely long response to a blog post that I had just finished reading. After I hit “post” I decided that writing a response to this post on someone else’s blog was not going to make me feel better about the topic being discussed. I opened an account, copied and pasted that very long comment, on to a page and started my blog. (Continue Reading)


Is it hot in here or is it just me?

It was very early in August and I could not believe that DC seemed to be getting excited about the last day of camp as if he was willing it to be over. He loves camp and I did not understand why he wanted it to end so badly.

He started saying “This week, the last day of camp? Camp is over?” on Thursday the 4th.
I told him he had the following day and next week left.  (Continue Reading)



These are a few of my….

“This is a Listicle Friday post for Finish the Sentence Friday’s new format. This week’s prompt/list: My favorite things.”

I do not participate in Finish the Sentence Friday on a regular basis because if given a prompt and then asked to write; my mind usually goes blank – unless of course the subject is Halloween orPeanut Butter ; topics, it seems I am always able to write about at the drop of a hat.  After the fact, I can always think of 100 other things that I could have written about – I just cannot seem to come up with anything on the spot.   (Continue Reading)


Fortune Cookies, Coffee and Laughter

I was not prepared to write anything this week, until Kenya visited my Facebook page and mentioned that I should post the video of my son that was there today. So that is pretty much what I did and all I really could do here at (shh) work (shh).

(Continue Reading)

Connecting to ‘I love you”

Yesterday was DC’s 27th birthday.

‘Twenty-Seventeen’ (27 in DC-speak) is so difficult to wrap my head around. We’re moving closer and closer to 30 and I may never get over that.  (Continue Reading)



Weight, Frosting, Birthdays: You have to be a little bit impressed.

(((off topic; aka – not autism related))))

My birthday just passed. I had the day off from work.

People seem to be under the impression that I do not like my birthday because I always take the day off. I do take the day off to avoid the “forced birthday cake where everyone stands around the staff room uncomfortably”, but I also take the day off because I LIKE my birthday and do not want to spend it at work. (Continue Reading)


Hmmmm. What don’t you know about me?

I know I have said before that I do not participate all that often in Finish The Sentence Friday only because my mind goes blank when given a subject to write about.

The “Listicles”- I can manage at the last minute…… sometimes.

This weeks list – 10 things most people don’t know about me, might be difficult. I may not come up with 10 (but I am sure to think of the rest 2 weeks from now) and I will try not to go to the “dark side” which is a real possibly, but I am going to give it a shot. (Continue Reading)


The Couch; Another Round

A couple of weeks ago on the 4th, my neighbors decided to blow off “cannons” right under our window………It went on for hours.

Now, DC really does not mind fireworks when he is expecting them. (Continue Reading)



If you have been around here long enough, you are surely quite aware of the things I worry about. 90% of my worries are all about DC (the other 10% ? My weight 🙂 )
I did not want to rehash all of that all over again.  (Continue Reading)