Tales From the Day Program


Communication, Paper Towels and other nonsense

The battle for communication from the time DC was in the Birth to 3 Program has been a never-ending battle fought, for the most part, uphill.

Pants on Fire

There are times when, we, as parents of children or adults with special needs, do have to go to extremes or try many different tactics to get information from our children. Communication is not easy with my son.

IP Meetings (No ‘E” since he’s left the school system)

6 month IP (no “E”, he’s out of school) review meeting this morning – <insert sarcasm font> Can’t think of anything that I would enjoy more! <end sarcasm font> #FunTimes #WeDropTheEButTheFunRemains

I want a job like that.. A Vent

Since the 23rd of March, my case worker has been trying to get in touch with the person who missed our last meeting.
I explained to my caseworker that it has been my experience that her MO is just not to reply to anything until you get tired of asking and give up…

“Maybe It’s Allergies?”

It is allergy season and as much as I have been suffering, DC does not seem to be (so far, knock wood) all that much. He had a few days (so far, knock wood) of coughing and sneezing but compared to last year at this time – it’s been cake ….

There is extra sunscreen in his backpack

You may or may not remember that a couple of years ago I had a very difficult time getting the people at DC’s work/day program to understand that he has seasonal allergies (see below if you want to catch up). Much of the problem is that the people I talk to in his annual meetings or at any other time, do not seem to pass any of the information on to anyone else that is working with him.

More #TalesFromTheDayProgram

I read a note in DC’s “Talk Book” on Thursday…
“DC was a little bit upset this morning” … that went on to explain how upset he was, what he did and that they did not know what it was all about.
Now, if this had been the morning before after two random meltdowns, I would have understood, but that morning he was just fine when he left for work.