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To Explore Strange New Worlds – Fun and Informative (A Book Review) (February 27, 2018)


I have to begin by saying that I always loved to read, until I hit the age where my arms were no longer long enough to see the pages clearly and I had to begin wearing the dreaded “reading glasses”.  I do not know why reading a book while wearing the dreaded “reading glasses” bothers me so, but it does. Continue Reading

Please Stand By: a review from one side of the spectrum (January 2018)

Let me just say that I do not watch all that many autism related movies or TV shows. I write about my son’s autism and of course my son and I live it, so I do not necessarily feel the need to watch everything that hits the airwaves that either has an *autistic character or is about autism in general.

Shocking! I know!  Continue Reading


#TravelingWithDC – Star Trek Cruise

Taking a break from the virus, lock-down, Quarantine Diaries and everything involving it to write about our last vacation.

At this point, our trip seems as if  it happened centuries ago, but it has really only been a couple of months. Please forgive any typos, run-on sentences or just utter incoherence as I seem to have lost all ability to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time during this quarantine. Continue Reading

This post IS about Star Trek Discovery – March 3, 2018

((off topic))

I wrote a post about the first part of season one of Discovery and I tried hard not to spoil anything. Without being able to spoil, there was not a whole lot I could say.  The post went in another direction and turned out to be more about what distracted me (fun things) than about anything else. Continue Reading

(See: This post is supposed to be about #StarTrekDiscovery)

This post will be more about some of my own theories or hopes for the next season. We have a very long wait for season 2 so some of my theories may change, but for now this is what I have.

This post is supposed to be about #StarTrekDiscovery (Dec 7, 2017)

Instagram Post – November 9, 2017:
I do not like public speaking – actually “do not like” is putting it mildly….I fall apart. So I was extremely anxious when my friend over at Autism-Mom asked me to do a pod cast with her about the new #StarTrekDiscovery or #SDC.  Continue Reading

Giving Star Trek Enterprise a Second Chance… (October 2017)

(off topic and {{Spoilers}})

A little while ago, (right after Star Trek Day) I wrote about my quest to re-watch all of the old Star Trek Series and even view some of the re-boot movies that I had been boycotting/protesting because…..

I remember my ex-husband loved U2. He was a fan way back before they became famous. I remember him being a “little bit” put out when they did become famous because, you know…. he found them first and now EVERYBODY likes them. How dare everybody like them!

I felt kind of like that about the new movies. Continue Reading

I Got Distracted on Star Trek Day…. (September 2017)

(off topic) {Spoilers!!!}

I have been re-watching the Star Trek series over the last year and a half/two years now. Because some of my perspectives have changed, I was ready to write about it on September 8th; Star Trek Day, but I got distracted and almost completely missed Star Trek Day altogether.  Continue Reading

The search is ON! (July 2015)

Every once in a while Invisible Strings publishes a post listing the “search terms” that brought readers to his site. I do not know if this is a regular thing that he does, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than one. His “search engine” posts are usually written to make a specific point (this post is not). I always find those posts interesting of course due to the point he is making but also because I love the fact that we are able to find these “search terms”.   Continue Reading


Star Trek Missions NY & a little bit Reading Rainbow (September 2016)

In honor of Star Trek (The Original Series) 50th anniversary I present Our Trip to Star Trek Missions New York….

I just happened to actually read my email one day in mid-August and I saw the announcement for Star Trek Mission NY on Labor Day weekend. I bought the tickets almost immediately. I have been a fan of Star Trek from the time the very first episode aired back in 1966 – <sarcasm font> I was just an infant, not even born, yet really <end sarcasm font>, so needless to say, I was excited. Continue Reading

Star Fleet Experience at the Intrepid NYC (September 2016)

Ready to beam up – Mostly Photos of the Experience  Continue Reading

“To Boldly Go……” (August 2014)

I confess…

I admit it…

I am just a big old Sci-fi geek from way back. I watched the first episode of Star Trek back in 1966/1967 (?) and I was hooked – for life.

The first “sign” that DC learned when he was very young (for those of you that may not know, DC was non-verbal until he was 7 years old) was the “Live Long and Prosper” sign. If and when he saw a picture of Mr. Spock or heard him mentioned, he used that sign. Continue Reading

Mr Spock:

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.” (February 2015)

I’ve been in love with Star Trek and Mr. Spock since the very first episode aired back in the 60’s.

I loved the adventures in space.

I loved that all of the crew members were treated with respect and as equals.

I wanted a tribble.   Continue Reading