The search is ON!


Every once in a while a blog I follow publishes a post listing the “search terms” that brought readers to the site. I do not know if this is a regular thing that the site does, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than one. The “search engine” posts are usually written to make a specific point (this post is not). I always find those posts interesting of course due to the point the blogger is making but also because I love the fact that we are able to find these “search terms”.

I have often wondered how people found their way to my site. Of course there are the people who officially follow me and others I know read from twitter (and twitter), tumblr, facebook and the many other places this blog is posted and shared. But how does one just happen upon it? After a little bit of searching through my ‘stats’ page, I finally found the list of search terms. Some were pretty close to what I expected, some were interesting and others a bit surprising.

This is one of those posts that I put together and save to post later when we are away or when I am really busy and really don’t have the time to write. Like the “Blog Title Series” (Series? Yes…. there’s more), they are very often off topic or “fluff”.

I like fluff, sometimes fluff is fun.

Search terms between January and June 2015:

There are hundreds of “hits’ that are categorized under “unknown search terms” (so…. I guess THAT would “officially be my top  category 🙂 ). I wish I could see what those terms were, but as they are unavailable to me, I’ll just go with what I CAN see.

I will begin with the list of individual, one-time searches that each brought one ‘hit’ to my page. In almost each case it is clear to me how my page came up in the results. But really, how many results would one have to scroll through to find my page by searching the word – “movie”? That is real determination……

“Autism Ravioli” was a puzzler for a minute but I am guessing the clicks went to “Progress with a side of Pasta” or “Please pass the garlic bread“.

(all searches listed have been copied and pasted exactly as they were entered into the search engine)

charity miles april fools contest
toy story transitions
those of us they never called,when choosing sides for basketball
james taylor and autism
autism ravioli
one step at a time speech
taking it a step at a time – autism
peter pan live coloring sheets
book store blues
was buddy holly autistic
good costumes for the song we go together
autistic child pressing phone buttons in 22 months
top blogs autism blog ranking


Next we have two or more searches for the same or close to the same topic. I believe at this point if anyone were to search band-aids and autism it would be difficult NOT to find my page.

kaleb-moon robinson
kaleb moon-robinson

mad men a thing like that
mad men “a thing like that”

hershey park autism 2015
dollywood autism                                {amusement parks
dollywood autism adult

bandaid on kid
has a child with autism ever become obsessed with bandaids
child obsession with bandaids
were band aids based on stickers


Next we move on to weather. This is absolutely understandable. I am sure I write about DC’s storm issues as much if not more than his band-aid obsession……

2011 halloween nor’easter storm alfred
power outages autism upset
thunder and autism power outage change
upset by power outage autism
afraid of power outages autism
power outages autism


The biggest surprise for me here is that THE most popular search terms(s) that brought people to my blog had nothing to do with autism at all. The largest set of terms that brought people to me – were terms having something to do with Leonard Nimoy or Star Trek!



logic is the first step to wisdom
logic is the beginning of wisdom
how wisdom related to light in logic
mr spock logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end
leonard nimoy autisim
logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end
spock quotes logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end
of my friend i can only say this: of all the souls that i met on my travels, his was the most… human.”
what is it like to meet william shatner photo op
wisdom is not end
logic is just the beginning of wisdom, not the end”.


I can not say that this does not make me very happy!!!!

~”That is a human emotion, Doctor, with which I am totally unfamiliar. How could I be “unhappy?”~ Mr. Spock – ep. I, Mudd





(Yes, I do understand that the results are a bit skewed due to the “unknown search terms” – so don’t rain on my parade)


2014 – My Blogging Year…… Thanks!

We were away for what seems like a very long time, now that we are home, but actually it was only 8 days. I am behind on my reading and writing, but that is what a vacation is for, right? I did pre-schedule a rerun to post while we were away and I managed to complete and publish another that had already been started, on my phone.

– We all know I have a typo problem already;  you should see what happens when I type on a phone –

The bottom line is that we were away for the Holidays, so I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I would also like to thank you all for reading this year.  Here’s looking ahead to 2015!

But first, a look back…….

Since WordPress was nice enough to do all of the work in putting all of this information together and sending it along to me – I thought I’d share my 2014 blog results with you.

– I know, you are just thrilled – but please try to control yourself, just for a few minutes.

crunchy numbers

(Shocking…… it turns out, I LOVE to take pictures! Who knew?)

best buddy

(Link to: DC’s Letter to His Best Buddy, Steve)

steve rule

Posts that received the most views in 2014.

#1 –  but….. no one will know what you are supposed to be  November 2014
#2 –  The CALL TO ACTION – A Memorial for Avonte  July 2014
#3 –  File under: “Rules I thought I would never have to make”  January 2014
#4 –  Never Will Forget You – Tribute to Avonte Oquendo  August 2014
#5 –  There is no elf on our shelf  November 2014

Where did my readers find me? Hmmmm…..



That’s 67 Counties in all! Most visitors came from the United States. Canada & UK were not far behind.



Link to: There is no elf on our shelf

These were my 4 most active commenters: (Please take a minute to visit their blogs)


autism mom


Autism Mom 








soaring with autism






wendyjanebanner-revised-regular  Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake


So there you have it! In a nutshell!

I know, I know – what will you do with the rest of your day? What could possibly be more exciting?

But seriously……Happy New Year to all and thank you so, so much for reading!