2014 – My Blogging Year…… Thanks!

We were away for what seems like a very long time, now that we are home, but actually it was only 8 days. I am behind on my reading and writing, but that is what a vacation is for, right? I did pre-schedule a rerun to post while we were away and I managed to complete and publish another that had already been started, on my phone.

– We all know I have a typo problem already;  you should see what happens when I type on a phone –

The bottom line is that we were away for the Holidays, so I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I would also like to thank you all for reading this year.  Here’s looking ahead to 2015!

But first, a look back…….

Since WordPress was nice enough to do all of the work in putting all of this information together and sending it along to me – I thought I’d share my 2014 blog results with you.

– I know, you are just thrilled – but please try to control yourself, just for a few minutes.

crunchy numbers

(Shocking…… it turns out, I LOVE to take pictures! Who knew?)

best buddy

(Link to: DC’s Letter to His Best Buddy, Steve)

steve rule

Posts that received the most views in 2014.

#1 –  but….. no one will know what you are supposed to be  November 2014
#2 –  The CALL TO ACTION – A Memorial for Avonte  July 2014
#3 –  File under: “Rules I thought I would never have to make”  January 2014
#4 –  Never Will Forget You – Tribute to Avonte Oquendo  August 2014
#5 –  There is no elf on our shelf  November 2014

Where did my readers find me? Hmmmm…..



That’s 67 Counties in all! Most visitors came from the United States. Canada & UK were not far behind.



Link to: There is no elf on our shelf

These were my 4 most active commenters: (Please take a minute to visit their blogs)


autism mom



Autism Mom 








soaring with autism






wendyjanebanner-revised-regular  Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake


So there you have it! In a nutshell!

I know, I know – what will you do with the rest of your day? What could possibly be more exciting?

But seriously……Happy New Year to all and thank you so, so much for reading!

3 thoughts on “2014 – My Blogging Year…… Thanks!

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