More short stories

or…. “Short Stories; the Sequel”

Below are some “short stories” (statuses) that have been posted on my own and my public Facebook pages – too short to qualify for a blog post, although many have turned out to be the inspiration for an official blog post. You may have seen a few of these before, probably not all though.


I am in desperate need of a haircut so I have resorted to wearing a headband for the last couple of days – yes, it is THAT bad. The headband, like anything different with my hair was not going over well with DC.

“Take head—band off!”“Mom, your hair is a ‘de-aster” (he loves to use that one). There were many times that he just tried to grab it right off my head. Today, as I was on the phone not wearing a headband he apparently decided that I needed it and started trying to shove one on my head over the telephone. #ICantWin


IMG_1161I told him it was very late and he needed to get to bed – it is after midnight. Realizing it was now Nov. 1st – he could not go to sleep until all of the calendars were changed.






I told DC that he had to get dressed up for the party tonight……. “No!!! No Dresses!”






tshirtT-shirt day at camp… “It’s a major award”




eegDC went for his EEG today. I was having a hard time explaining it to him beforehand so my friend sent a pic of her daughter (DC’s good friend) smiling during her EEG. I think it made him feel better. He did a great job today. I was very proud of him and he was very proud of himself!




listDC is now resorting to leaving his shopping list in my purse – found this when I got to work this morning. (I really don’t think I need a list, he asks for the same things every time)








what did you do in londonSecond order of business – “computer” because this is all I have been been hearing about all  day on the train. #AndWhatDidYOUDoInLondon





flowersAnd….. I got my first dandelion bouquet of the season!






messNew Band-Aid supply – I wonder who gets to clean this up?









easterIn anticipation of the Easter Bunny, I suppose… DC went to bed at 9:00! Seriously, 9:00! Happy Easter!






cubesThe ‪#‎Drwho ice cubes were just eh. But we can also use the trays for candy, so we’ll try that next time







pjsIt turns out that the new ‪#‎DrWho pajamas are a bit too tight. Next size up is on the way, but since he won’t take them off, these can’t be returned. Happy almost birthday to me as I will be the proud owner of this set😃….eventually






Yesterday was DC’s last day of camp. The last day is also always “Awards Day”. When DC came home I asked him if he got an award. He said he did. He didn’t have anything with him so I asked him where it was – “At the camp”. (I don’t know if he actually won an award). I asked him what award he won…..
“Best Camp Ever!”





Enchanted is on the Family Channel this morning. He won’t sit down and watch it because it is the weekend and weekends are for his computer. So here he is searching through his DVD’s that are filed in a filing system that is understood by no one but him, for Enchanted – so he can watch it on the computer. Happy Saturday!








artBand-Aide art










We might be a little bit obsessed…





FullSizeRender2HE DID IT! 40 minutes!!! You do not know what a big deal this is! I thought we were done for when I heard 40 minutes (and an IV which nobody told me about) – it was shaky but he did it! – first stop – Wings!
He is sooooo proud of himself!




dudeExtremely annoyed at DC’s IP (no “E” – he is out of school)
“Dude, What! Are you kidding me?”
Dude???? I called his caseworker “Dude” …Dude…..
I don’t even know where that came from but I am sure it is still 100% better than the “colorful metaphors” I had rolling around in my head at the time….


DC, always obsessed with Ella’s letter to Prince Char -he recites it often word for word –  decided he needed to write it all down. He only needed help spelling “solution”.

15 - 1






DC went to an ARC activity tonight – dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. Yes, he won’t eat Chinese food, but usually he can find some chicken or wings or something….
Unfortunately he found none of those so dinner there consisted of jelly beans, fruit and ice cream. Yep, this is him “making” himself a bowl of jelly beans.

arc ice cream






whoopie pie

One of the highlights of our “looking around day” (day trip – to the rest of the world) on Sunday was the giant whoopee pie WITH confectionery sugar!






IMG_1162He announced that he was going to shave “all by myself” ( translation: “stop following me, Mom“) – taking a picture to cover up the fact that I’m following, is not really following, right?




Happy Wednesday!

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