No No No….. “Green” Peanut Butter Only!

ChunkyThe other day Doug called before he came over; he was stopping at the grocery store and asked if I needed anything. I do not like going to this particular grocery store and avoid it all costs…. but it is unfortunately the only store that I can find that sells Teddie Peanut Butter – All Natural – No Salt Added. Now there are plenty of places that sell Teddie All Natural, but the “no salt added” is not easy to find. At one point in time, I was ordering it on line directly from Teddie. Since he was offering, I asked him to pick up a few jars.

He brought them over and put them on the Peanut Butter shelf,  upside-down in the cabinet. DC was relieved because he had already told me many times that day that we were out of Peanut Butter – many times… so many times that I was sure I would be presented with one of his shopping lists at some point during the day.

The following morning he asked for the peanut butter. He already had his bagel toasting when I opened one of the new jars and saw that it was chunky – Super Chunky to be specific.

All together now…….


He saw it and I saw that look of panic come over his face immediately. I pulled out another jar – Super Chunky as well! Only one more jar to go…….. it was creamy! PHEW! Breakfast was saved!

I really do not know why he will not eat chunky. He loves peanut butter, he’ll eat peanuts – but he will not eat chunky peanut butter.

I remember once, back when DC was probably six years old, when peanut butter was the only thing he would eat for lunch. I went to make him a peanut butter sandwich and discovered that I had mistakenly bought chunky peanut butter. At this point, he had never had chunky so I decided that I would give it a try. I thought since his love for peanut butter is second only to my own that he would get past the chunks and eventually eat it.

DC was non-verbal at the time and just kept signing “No” and “Green”. I had no idea in the world what he was trying to tell me. He then proceeded to pick every piece of peanut out of his sandwich, all the while signing “green”. Removing the peanuts did not really work all that well, but it did make a huge mess – so don’t try this at home.

… and I never did figure out what “green” meant that day.

When we went grocery shopping the next day, I had completely forgotten about “green” and what it may have meant. While we were in the peanut butter aisle, DC again started signing “green”. Finally, apparently disgusted with me, he reached for the peanut butter (this was back in our “Skippy” or “Jiff” days). It was only then that I realized that the creamy had a green cap, while the chunky was blue.

How had he noticed that when I never had? He didn’t speak and honestly never seemed to be paying attention to most of what was going on around him if it was not directed specifically towards him. Apparently he was paying attention to so much more than I was giving him credit for at the time, and he was/is definitely serious about his peanut butter.

A chip off the old block…