Quarantine Diaries: Part 6 – “Yay, Yay, It’s Mother’s Day!”

In my Easter post (Quarantine Diaries: Part 3 – Easter in Lock Down) I noticed that DC, who is usually very calendar orientated, had not moved on to “What’s Next”.

Shhh! We’ve officially passed the time of night on any given holiday when DC decides this one is over and begins to “remind” me of whatever is coming up next (in this case, Mother’s Day, I would imagine). He hadn’t said a word. Weird.

Just weird.

I chalked it up to the lock-down and everything being crossed off the calendar.

He did finally begin mentioning it towards the end of April. Once again, I had to explain that we would not be going out to eat. He took that a lot better than he did at Easter. He seems to be getting used to all of this, or going more with the flow than I ever imagined he would.

He did begin announcing when he went to get his DVD’s for the day, that he was going to watch “Mother’s Day movies”. When asked which movies were Mother’s Day movies, he gave me a list:

  • Shrek 2
  • Shrek the Third
  • Shrek Forever and After
  • Aladdin 2 – The Return of Jafar
  • Aladdin 2019 (Yes, you must say ‘Two Thousand Nineteen’)

Having not seen any of these movies myself other than Shrek 2 (since he watches on his laptop, I no longer have to watch his movies over and over again), I wasn’t sure what any of them had to do with Mother’s Day. I mean, I know Shrek and Fiona had babies at some point, but when… I do not know.

I began thinking that this was his way of bringing up Mother’s Day without asking or reminding over and over again. He does sometimes come of with alternate ways of reminding me of something when he knows I am tired of listening to the same question over and over again.

When he went to put these movies away and bring down another batch, he announced that he was getting his “Father’s Day Movies”.

“Which movies are Father’s Day movies?”

DC: “All Animals”

  • Lion King
  • Pocahontas
  • Tarzan
  • Finding Dory
  • Monsters University
  • Brave
  • Toy Story 3
  • Toy Story 4


Some of these I “get”. Some I don’t (or haven’t seen), but I am not sure why Toy Story 3 and 4 fits into the “Animals” or “Father’s Day” categories.

Since these two movie categories were first announced, the movies have not changed. The Mother’s Day movies are the same movies he listed that first time and the same with Father’s Day movies.

Maybe it was partially a ploy to mention Mother’s Day, but he does seem to have a filing system in his head and these movies fit into this system somehow.

His movie filing system has baffled me for years.

He has an entire cabinet filled with movies. I don’t touch them because he seems to know where every . single . movie . is in the disaster cabinet (there are many more in the bottom part behind the cabinet doors).

If I move one, me knows. They are filed using a system that is known only to him. So even if I do not understand his Mother’s and Father’s Day selections, I do not question them. There is a reason in his head.

The constant reminding and cheering “Yay, Yay! It’s Mother’s Day” did finally kick in on May 1st. He reminds me daily, either by screeching, “Yay! Yay!”, “Mother’s Day is coming soon!” or by announcing that he is watching his Mother’s Day movies. But… I can also hear him talking to himself and reciting the days of the week until Mother’s Day as if he were reading one of the daily schedule lists that I have made for him a few times when we went on vacation.

He is calming himself without prompting. He is calming himself with out a written out list.

I am placing that in the “growth” column for sure.

I do have to say that I have seen a lot of growth from him during this lock-down, some of which I have written about in part 4. Some I will write about another time, but and I am pretty darn proud of him.

It is a Happy Mother’s Day!


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5 thoughts on “Quarantine Diaries: Part 6 – “Yay, Yay, It’s Mother’s Day!”

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  2. I think Shrek 3 was the time/point that Shrek and Fiona had babies.

    Yes – Fiona is very motherly!

    And then there was a Shrek Christmas movie/short somewhere in there where we saw lots of Shrek-and-Fiona kids.

    If anyone works out where Toy Story 3 and 4 have animals in them – except perhaps a piggy bank – you would do the work of the ages.

    Or the whole ranch/cowherder perspective? Also ranching animals in space?

    And then there’s the whole Monsters University connection – I thought about the Monsters learning and Andy going away to college [like DC went to college] and the whole Father’s Day feeling about the summer/season.

    The connection is probably about breaking out and adventure that the characters and DC do vicariously.

    [The US and Australia share Mother’s Day – Father’s Day is at least three months away in the first week of September in Australia].

    I do get Brave because of the bears!


    • You got a whole lot more than I did! The Monsters University connecting time Toy Story and Andy going to college is a good one. I would not have connected that. I can’t believe you remember the relationship between Andy going to college and DC going to college!!!! Wow, I wrote that a long time ago!


      • I did feel I was on side/track.

        It was probably one of the very first things on the blog that I had read in the early 2010s when you first started publicising it [probably 2013-14ish – definitely before 2015].

        I think also of basic plots and journeys – one of the central 7 plots in Literature and Mythology would be The Journey.

        There are lots of Disney collections and connections and as you say:

        “Everything is related”.

        Opened up a circle.

        Looking forward to reading Flower for Vicki[e] because I watched Killing Eve and they played the Tiptoe through the Tulips song while Villanelle was going through a garden and stabbing a woman who had lost her family somewhere in France.


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