“What’s the matter with Ren?” …. Not a thing!

Here we have the final installment of our visit to RI Comic-Con – I did say that I had a lot to say about it, didn’t I?

Again, we are going  back to Friday night – the best night of the Con, in my opinion….

We arrived in Providence on Friday afternoon. We had plans to meet with Wendy,  an old friend of mine from the old neighborhood and also of Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake fame. Although we are in contact via Facebook, I do not believe that I have laid eyes on her since high school.


*Wendy Darling, as she has now come to be known, looked exactly the same and I was more than a bit jealous that she hadn’t aged a day. She brought us to The Duck and Bunny, which was only a few blocks away from her house. It was such an adorable place. The chocolate and peanut butter cupcake was exceptional and the fries served in a flower pot….. so cute! *Wendy Darling asked him a question at one point and he answered with a “yes”. He then continued to repeat the “yes” over and over again. He has done this quite often since and I am sure he has done it before this, but when you are used to someone repeating things over and over again, it doesn’t always click that it is different from the normal repeating of words or phrases. It was more obvious to me that he was stuck. Since then, I have noticed it more. He seems to get stuck on a word and can not make his way out of it.  I often wonder if it is the meds, but of course that is one of those questions that can not or will not ever be answered. It only took me saying “I think you are a little bit stuck on ‘yes’ there.”, to which he answered “yes” to get him unstuck.

The convention center was very close to *Wendy Darling’s house so we said our good-bye’s and headed out.

A month or so before, a RI Comic-Con status came up on my Facebook page announcing the addition of Christy Carlson Romano to the list of Comic-Con guests. Without thinking and because DC was right there, I told him about it. This was all I heard about for the following month. I was kicking myself for even mentioning it to him because other than the announcement and her photo on the site, I could not find her listed in the photo ops, the panels, or autograph sessions. There was just no indication of where she would be.

DC was and still is a huge fan of Even Stevens, particularly “Even Stevens Influenza – The Musical” which for some reason has never been released on Video, DVD or Blue Ray. Still, he knows every word to every song and has been able to find most of the clips on YouTube. Because of Christy, he is also a big fan of Cadet Kelly and Kim Possible.

Again, I will say that I am so happy we went on Friday night! I was on a mission to find her or at least where she would be when we came back on Saturday. I knew that we could not leave RI without finding her. I would never have heard the end of it – never!

While we were waiting in the Supernatural room on Friday night, we happened upon the only helpful volunteer that we came across over the entire weekend. We asked him (very quietly) where we could find Christy Carlson Romano. Luckily, he knew who she was and he directed us to the “Animation Room”. The Animation Room was over a bridge in a different building. We headed over there not expecting to see her,  but hoping to find her table so we would know right where to go on Saturday. Personally, I would have loved to have spent more time in that room – there were so many other people I would have liked to see, but we were on a mission.

We came around the corner and there she was at her table with only one person in line! I did not know whether DC would be able to control himself or not when he saw her. We got in line and DC jumped up and down and squealed while she was trying to talk to the people in front of us. Me? I was so relieved to have found her that I didn’t think to give DC my usual instructions – don’t touch her hair, don’t pick her up. The moment the people in front of us left the table, DC charged behind the table before I could stop him and gave her a back-crushing hug. I was worried that we were going to have another Snow White incident (see: Rules I thought I would never have to make), but he was able to restrain himself, or he remembered the rule without being reminded. In either case, he did not pick her up. But, “Don’t rush the table” is now officially added to THE LIST.

DC is a big boy man and I would not blame anyone for being frightened seeing him bounding towards them. I have to hand it to her, she was not and if she was she hid it well. She was so fabulous with him. She spoke to him in a happy excited voice, which just excited him more. She held his hands, possibly in self defense, but it didn’t matter – he loved it.  She asked him questions. She sang part of the Kim Possible song. She asked him his favorite song and he went right into a partial rendition of “We Went to the Moon in 1969”

He must have really wanted to talk to her because normally if he knows the words to a song, he will not stop singing midway – he has to sing it to the very end and he did not this time. He wasn’t going to waste his precious time with Christy singing.

Meeting her was the highlight of the weekend. Yes, he was over the moon when he met Alex Kingston (see: Hello Sweetie), but this was even better. This was right up there with meeting Cinderella for the first time.

Normally no matter how much he loves something or someone when we go to an event, he will always just give me the last thing he did as a reply to “what was your favorite part?”. Four months later when asked what his favorite part of Comic-Con was, he will still tell me that it was Christy Carlson Romano, which was not even close to the last thing he did at Comic-Con.

She must have really made an impression……

DC and Christy Carlson Romano



*Wendy Darling – for those of you that do not live Disney 24/7 – Wendy Darling is from Peter Pan.













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