March Flashback -“A Little Bit of Faith” and Happy Birthday, Mrs. F!

March is normally a very busy month for us. DC and I are both March “babies” and as you may (or you may not) know, DC views his birthday as if it were a National Holiday – I admit that I might be a bit guilty of planting that thought into his head ….. just a bit.

Other than the birthday observations/festivities, the theater season is in full swing so he is volunteering there more often than he does the rest of the year.

We are also right in the middle of Winter Guard season.

Winter Guard season runs from January through mid-April with an additional show in June at the Special Olympics Summer Games Opening Ceremonies.

The friends and family show is always the first show of the season. So far this season at least 3, possibly 4 practices have been cancelled due to the never-ending snow we have been cursed with this winter. So many rehearsals were cancelled that the team was still putting this routine together 15 minutes before this show began on Monday. This team and their coaches were still able to pull it together and put on a great show!  This show will continue to evolve and change right up to the last show  in June.

(This video was cartooned (cartoonized?) to ensure the anonymity of the participants)

2015 Friends and Family Show – ROAR –



The following is a piece of a post from September 2014  – Secrets, Surprises, a Little Bit of Faith and Pizza…………” and this year I will be sure to post it on time! Happy Birthday, Mrs. F. – Last year’s story but right on time for this year.

                                                               “A Little Bit of Faith”

The Guard

This past February all of the Winter Guard parents were asked to contribute a short story or memory about our Winter Guard Director. She would be celebrating her “-Mumble, mumble -th” Birthday in March. Her son wanted to put together a book of memories for her.

DC has been a participant with this special needs Winter Guard team for 8 or 9 years. He really loves it, even though at first he had a really tough time focusing and rarely did anything close to the moves that everyone else was doing. He didn’t care. He wanted to wave his flag. He has improved very much over the years and still enjoys participating. He loves the performances most of all. He loves the attention –  he loves the applause. He is the only one to take a bow while the rest of the team is in the “end of performance” pose. (I am sure there is a proper and official name for that, but “end of performance pose” is the best I can do)

I wrote up my memory, DC drew a picture and we sent it along to the director’s son. Had I been really thinking, I would not have told DC about the birthday. It was still 3 weeks away and DC is always very excited about birthdays. DC also does not understand  “surprise” or  “secret”. Knowing this, I was very concerned that DC would give it all away.  He did not, not for lack of trying, but he did not.

I saved the story to post at a later date, after her birthday so as not to ruin the surprise. My mind, being the steel trap that it is, filed it and forgot to post it. It took me six months to realize I had not posted the piece.


A very Happy Birthday, “Mrs. F”!


The one event that always sticks out in my mind is the High School Ice Cream Social performance in 2011. The performance was a last-minute addition to the Team’s schedule. Being so last-minute, many of the Buddies were not available to perform with our children.

The Team had never rehearsed, never mind performed without their Buddies before, so this was something totally out of their comfort zone. But there we were anyway, with 3 buddies. Mrs. F. had faith that they would be able to do this. I am not sure that many of the parents had as much faith, but Mrs. F. did.

There was a little bit of time to do a few quick rehearsals before the show but as I said, this was a very new experience for them – a few quick rehearsals without their buddies would be like starting from scratch. Mrs. F. gave them a pep talk before and after each run-though and made it very clear to all of them that they could do this! 

She gathered them around for one more pep talk before they went out to perform. She believed in them so they believed in themselves. They knew they could do this!

And they DID! The show went off without a hitch. They gave a fabulous performance! How proud they were to be able to do this without help! Mrs. F. had faith and in turn, so did the team (and the parents)……  All it took was a little bit of faith…….. And THANK YOU for the faith you have in, and the encouragement you give to our children!

Happy Birthday



There is no one better! Thank you for everything you do……..


Kudos to Brian, Mrs. F., Laura and Kelsey! Each season and show is more complicated than the season before and there have been so many times I thought “How is he going to remember THAT? He will never be able to do that!”, but he does as does the rest of the team. It is an impressive organization.  They never say never and always seem to know just how much they can expect from this team. They never underestimate just what our “kids” can do.

(This video was cartooned (cartoonized?) to ensure the anonymity of the participants)

Video from 2014 Opening Ceremonies….



2014 Show – “Just the way you are” – Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies

(so sorry for the quality and please Turn Up the Volume!)





Later: The rest of the post………………. Secrets, Surprises and Pizza…………











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