SD& Peanut Butter


You can not imagine how much I love this meme and I am sorry –  I just have to share. (found on instagram)

Just in case you were not aware of my Peanut Butter addiction….. here you go:

 (from #StopDropand…. just for fun – September 2014)

#StopDropAndConfess –

My confessions:
1. I have a serious peanut butter addiction
2. David Boreanaz is the handsomest man alive
3. I also have a serious thing for Colin Ferguson
One friend that I tagged had an issue with the peanut butter jars being upside-down and others right-side-up, complete with hash tag #TheyAreComingToTakeMeAway  – that may very well be one of his confessions .

There is a perfectly logical explanation: Upside-down are unopened – stored that way so that the oil mixes. The others have been opened. Why is there more than one jar open??? You will have to talk to DC about that. There always seems to be more than one of everything open in this house – he just can not use the end of anything…..

10 thoughts on “SD& Peanut Butter

  1. You made me laugh because I totally understood the peanut butter upside down without the explanation – we also have multiple jars at our house, but that is because husband likes chunky and kids like creamy. P.S. I have liked David B since he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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