Re-Blog from Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake – Never Will Forget You….

Wendy is a friend and fellow blogger from my hometown. Although neither of us lives there anymore, it is our roots, it is still “home”.

Wendy was kind enough to re-post a piece I wrote a few weeks back “Never Will Forget You – A Tribute to Avonte Oquendo”.

Wendy does not write about autism, her followers are very likely not all Autism Moms, Dads or families as are many of mine are.  To share her tagline:

One white woman’s curious obsession with race.

Follow my quest to connect across color lines.

The piece she has posted today does include an additional paragraph for those that may not be aware of the story.

(Wendy also does not have a re-blog button on her blog, so I have to re-blog it this way 🙂

After you read Wendy’s re-post, please take some time to read some of her other posts. As I said, she does not write about autism, but we really are allowed to read non-Autism related stories and blogs once in a while, aren’t we? I really think you will enjoy her blogs. I always do!

So thank you very much Wendy and now I am under immense pressure to live up to the introduction you wrote for me………..

Re-Posting Tribute to Avonte Oquendo, by Vickie – Via Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake

A friend, Vickie, is a stupendous supporter of WJSS, and by that I mean she retweets every single one of my blog posts, and actually reads them, and comments, and I truly appreciate her for doing so.  Vickie, from my hometown, has a fantastic blog of her own, Taking It A Step At A Time, where she writes about her adventures, and challenges of being a mom to her 23 year-old son, D.C. who has autism.

On her blog, Vickie shares personal stories of what it’s like living day-to-day with a child with autism, and while there are many challenges that parents with children without autism never have to think about, what shines through Vickie’s stories, are the sheer joy D.C. experiences each day, much of which is driven by Vickie’s love and devotion to him.

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2 thoughts on “Re-Blog from Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake – Never Will Forget You….

    • I remember replying to this but I do not know where it went, possibly your blog, I hope, but just in case it went nowhere, I just want to thank you for re-blogging this and your kind words. I am honored to be one of your IG friends.


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