Dc’s Letter to His Best Buddy, Steve

miss you

DC has been involved in the Best Buddy program, since he was in middle school. Steve has been DC’s Buddy for the past three years. As I’ve told him many times, he is the best, most involved Buddy DC has ever had. Steve will be graduating from college this May. He will be either heading to Boston or back home. In either case, he will not be living close by any more. We will be sorry to lose him. DC will be assigned a new Buddy next year and that buddy has very big shoes to fill! I am hoping that Steve and DC will keep in touch after he leaves even though he won’t be his “official” Best Buddy anymore. DC hopes so too.

(Steve and DC – Photos in no particular order – please excuse the quality – my way of blurring the background people that may not want to be pictured in a blog)




The following was written by DC. Of course it took awhile, he didn’t just sit down and type. I asked him questions and he answered them. His answers made up this post.

The content below are DC’s words. It was typed entirely by him (over a few days, as typing more than a sentence or two at a time, is not “fun” for him).

Nothing was corrected or edited. I love it just the way it is.


dear steve

I am happy your are best buddie.

we had lots of fun together .

I liked going to parties and eating food.

I am a good dancer

I will miss you very very much wen you go home .

I hope we will talk on the telephone .

and on the FACEBOOK .






and I do believe that he will miss him, very much………………….


Thank you also from me. I know it is often difficult to carry on a conversation and/or understand what he is talking about, which is usually why his former Buddies did not show very much interest, but you hung in there. He really enjoyed your company and as much as he does not like to talk on the phone, he DID really enjoy receiving calls from you. We wish you nothing but the best after graduation. You deserve it!



**”I WILL RELLY AGAIN MISS YOU” – just another example of Literally Speaking. DC said “I will really, really miss him” and I told him he should write that in his letter.

He then looked to me to repeat what he just said word for word, so he could type it.

I said: “I will really and then write ‘really’ again – miss you” (Meaning write really twice.)

So it came out as “I will really again miss you”