Jekyll Island, First Flight and Barney Colorforms

I always loved this photo of DC. I love the floppy hat, the bench on the beach and other than my eyebrows, I love everything about this picture.

DC was a year old and his father and I, in all of our infinite wisdom decided to fly to Savannah GA and Jekyll Island. DC had never flown before. We figured that since it would be a relatively short flight (3? hours), he would be just fine.

It really was not all that bad on the way down until we had to change flights in Atlanta. When he realized that he was not done and was getting on another plane, he just screamed and screamed and screamed

and screamed.

All the way there. I was armed with everything I thought I would need to help keep him occupied (remember, we had no iPhones, iPads or any sort of technology back then); his favorite cheese nips, juice, books and I’m sure some other items but he was not having any of it. He just screamed and screamed and screamed

and screamed.

It was amazing how long and hard that little skinny child could scream.

It is amazing to me how much he loves to fly now. After this trip, I thought we would never get him on a plane again.

Flight behind us (until we had to get back home) – this trip is where DC developed his absolute and complete love of hotel rooms. These days, he packs all of his technology, DVD’s and books and takes “his spot” at the desk. There was none of that back then.

He did find the full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door and not being one to ever pass up looking at himself in the mirror, plopped himself on the floor in front of it and applied and re-applied his Barney Colorforms to the mirror, over and over again, for hours. He could have done that forever.  I was VERY happy I decided to grab and pack those at the last minute – purely out of desperation in anticipation of his first flight! It’s funny because that he did not have much interest in Colorforms at home, but he came up with a different use for them in that room that made him happy.

I had totally forgotten about Colorforms in general until I began writing this.

Do they still make Colorforms?

In between the flights to and home (the flight home was just as, if not more horror filled than the flight there because the screaming began as soon as we stepped on to the first flight) we had a nice time. The area was beautiful. DC loved the beach, “swimming” in the pool and of course the hotel room.

It was his first official attempt at travel and although some of it did not go very well at all, the rest of it was just fine. The “just fine” outweighs the terror of that first flight.

I love this photo

I miss him at that age.

I miss that little face.

I wish I saved that little floppy hat.

1 dc jekyl island 1992


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16 thoughts on “Jekyll Island, First Flight and Barney Colorforms

  1. Awwww. I have saved some stuff that I take out to look at from time to time. That hate is too cute. I know the flight had to be miserable for you. After becoming a mom and having my own child cry from point A to B, I feel sorry for any mom in the same position. There is nothing you can do. I promise to never forget that. Love your picture shares!


    • Thank you! The pic on the bottom is the one I originally had in mind but couldn’t find until after I wrote and published the blog. So I just went back and added it to the bottom. I know, I feel for parents with crying kids on flights too. I probably did not when I was younger and childless, but now I know!


  2. Aw the hat! And little DC! So adorable. I saved too many things like the hat and now I’m donating most of them. The flight sounds miserable for sure. It’s so hard because there is truly nothing you can do when a kid is that upset! Like Kenya said too, ever since I became a mom I try to understand. I love the photos – both of them. Also I’m not sure I know what Colorforms are – they stick to the mirror or glass? Maybe I do know… if that’s what they do.


  3. Oh, my heart…that photo of him in the floopy hat reminds me of my son Rhys in his Special Sunglasses…I’ll have to write about those. We lost them and I mourn their loss. They were SO COOL….thanks for your post!


  4. I have to agree that DC looks way cute in that floppy hat. ❤️ I can only imagine how stressful and heart-wrenching those flights were for you all, though I’m glad to hear he had fun with everything else. I had to look up Color Forms as I don’t remember playing with those, but they look like something child me would have loved.


  5. I don’t know if my kids had Colorforms. I may remember them from a nursery school where I assisted, or possibly from some of my grandkids’ toys. They are a great “quiet” toy.

    The altitude changes on a flight, or just in a car trip traveling over mountains, can often cause intense ear pain in little ones. Not fun!
    I think most parents who have ever experienced dealing with inconsolable child feels empathy for the parents and for the child in these situations.

    I love broad brimmed hats on children, or for that matter, anyone!

    Thank you for a sharing your vacation with us.


  6. A) They grow before we know it! B) “although some of it did not go very well at all, the rest of it was just fine. The “just fine” outweighs…” this is our travel in a nutshell. C) I think we can all agree that hotels are the best thing ever. Sometimes I think they are Marcus’ favorite part fo any trip. (Maybe they are, but I cram in as many experiences as we can, too.)


  7. I remember them so well. I think they either do make Colorforms or they have things like it, because my kids have them! Also, I am about to get my eyebrows threaded today so I relate to your eyebrows comment!


  8. I remember Colorforms! My son had a floppy hat like that too, and then he wouldn’t wear it anymore.

    I have two August babies, so I spend this month wondering where the time has gone and missing those little faces.


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