journalBelow is an article that was published in the October issue of APM. I did share the entire issue when it was first published, but was asked not to share the article itself on my blog (something to do with Google and Searches) until it appeared on their blog. Since it has not appeared on their blog so far and I still am trying to blog from my phone due to our internet issues, I thought that inserting photos rather than trying to type with one finger on my phone seems to be the easiest route to publishing a new post. I decided I would share it under a different title as not to go back on my word and confuse Google.


APM Pg 39

Pg 40

This story was originally posted here with the title of “What Did You Do Today?”

It was published in the October Issue of Autism Parenting Magazine – Take a minute to read the full issue.

Hope to be back on-line very soon!