Thunder and Lightning – Happy 4th!


2004 sparklers

I know that fireworks are at times a big issue for children and adults with autism. This time of year is difficult for DC. It is not only Thunder and Lightening Season, but as we know, the firecrackers seem to begin exploding around the middle of June in anticipation of the 4th.  I generally spend these two or three weeks explaining to DC over and over again that the noise he is hearing is not a storm, it is just someone shooting off fireworks. He is okay with that. For a child (man) that just cannot stand a storm, he was always fine with fireworks. He actually really LOVES fireworks, he always has.

To look at him when the first few go off, one would think he is terrified. He nearly jumps out of his skin and covers his ears, even when he knows they’re coming, but then he laughs and after the first few the ear covering is ends and he is stimming away.

We are fortunate that we never really have to go anywhere to see a really great 4th of July fireworks display. Someone in town (and I still really haven’t determined who) puts on a really fabulous display every year. At one time there were two big displays, one earlier in the evening that we could see perfectly from the front of the house and the other larger display that we could see perfectly from the back of our house.

I never really know what night they will go off, until they start. Generally I forget all about them until they start. I guarantee you that whether it be tonight or tomorrow night, as soon as DC realizes that what he is hearing is not thunder we will be standing outside in our pajamas.

Maybe this year I will try to think ahead and remember not to get changed so early…….



7 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning – Happy 4th!

  1. Sharp, sudden & loud noises can startle me out of my SKIN ( We have a fire / smoke alarm in my apartment building that can be heard for TWO blocks or more ), but for completely different reasons, so I can empathize, believe me ! My phone actually doesn’t ring much, because I use my cell, & when it does, it’s like someone set off a grenade launcher next to me.

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