Are We Defending or Unwittingly Keeping It Front and Center?



I agree 100% and wholeheartedly that children – ALL children should be off limits.  No matter who/what you support or do not support; their children should be left alone. They should not become fodder for the press or the general public.

I was happy to read that a television writer may have been fired (or at least suspended) for her tweet and very glad to see so many people letting go of their political views to come to his defense. This is a topic that we should all be able to agree and come together over.

But I worry that in our rush to defend, all we are doing is keeping the stories in the public eye long after they would have died down on their own? Sharing news stories over and over again with his name in the title and likeness as the lead, in my mind is not helping, it is rehashing the issue in the name of defending him and bringing all of the unsavory information back up for all to read – using his name like a banner.

I get that we all want to defend the things that have been said and intimated about him. I do as well.

I do not think we need to keep using his name and his photo to make our point.

I do not.

Children should be off limits. Children should not be speculated about.  Yes, we should be defending him. I do not think we need to use his name or his likeness to do that.

I just don’t….

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