“Sing a Song” – Blog titles – Part 3

Blog titles 3

You may (or may not) have noticed that I use quite a few song titles, lyrics or variations thereof as blog titles. I do this because music is always the first thing that pops into my head when giving a title to a blog. Once it is in my head, it’s there and even if the actual song has nothing to do with the post itself, I have to use it and I have to type it the way I am hearing it in my head.”

These, along with the Short Story ‘Series’ are the posts that I put together and save for the times when we are away or when I just do not have time to write. “Fluff” or “Filler” – let’s call them. I have fun with them anyway….

(Blog titles are linked)


All Day Music (or Blog Titles – Part Two)


#TBT We may never pass this way again – Happy ‘Co-lation’


Something’s coming…Could it be? Yes it could…….Old Age?



Thunder and Lightning – Happy 4th!



Take it easy

Already Gone






Keep on Tryin’



Don’t you cry no more #Supernatural


Will it go round in circles


stars beginning to fade…..


and of course….

“Sing a Song”

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