“To Boldly Go……” (Revised)

A Post from August 2014 – R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy – may you #LLAP wherever you may be……..

(The weekend we attended “Shore Leave”, Leonard Nimoy was scheduled to appear via Skype on Sunday. We had already spent Friday and Saturday there and I was not sure DC could make it another day. We also had a very long drive home, so we opted out for Sunday. I am still so disappointed that I missed my only opportunity to see Mr. Nimoy, but he will – live forever in my heart)

Taking it a Step at a Time

To Boldy Go.... To Bodly Go….

I confess…

I admit it…

I am just a big old Sci-fi geek from way back. I watched the first episode of Star Trek back in 1966/1967 (?) and I was hooked – for life.

The first “sign” that DC learned when he was very young (for those of you that may not know, DC was non-verbal until he was 7 years old) was the “Live Long and Prosper” sign. If and when he saw a picture of Mr. Spock or heard him mentioned, he used that sign.

Today, he is verbal but will still, at times use his signs in conjunction with his speech – that “Mr. Spock” sign has come to represent Star Trek in general for him and he still uses it.

Coincidently, DC just happened to be born on William Shatner’s birthday (not planned – I swear)

Before the days when Star Trek costumes were available to purchase - DC's second Halloween. Before the days when Star Trek costumes were available to purchase…

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