I got the music in me….

(Not “proper” grammar, I know. Talk to Kiki Dee)

DC is the ultimate music lover. I love this about him because I too have always been a music lover! Our tastes differ greatly. If one were to look at my music file they might just think it was a file belonging to 4 different people. I love everything from The Osmond Brothers “Down by the Lazy River” (my Happy song) and the Spinners “It’s a Shame” (my other Happy song – I dare you not to dance!) to Alice in Chains and Shinedown. Of course, being the geek that I am, I also have to have the Firefly, Dr.Who and Angel TV themes readily available.

DC leans more towards Musicals, Disney and some top 40. The battles in the car over the radio are actually the reverse of most parent and child “radio battles”.

We do, have some music in common though. When DC was a baby, he was not your average lullaby baby. It took a lot of trial and error to find songs that he enjoyed before bedtime. – This was, of course back when he wanted to hear me sing. Now all I hear is “Mom, please stop singing!” (unfortunately, he doesn’t always get his wish)

I just happened to hear both of the songs below on the same day, last week. Because I rarely hear either one of them on the radio, never mind both – it sort of inspired this post.

His favorites were:

James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (I happen to be a big James fan so this was fine with me)


Loggins and Messina – House at Pooh Corner (another “win” for me)

I am surprised that he still remembers them, to this day.

During our recent vacation the subject of DC’s first flight came up in conversation twice, first when we were having dinner with his Dad and again while having lunch with “Pinky” and her family.

DC was almost 2 years old. We were flying down to Savannah, GA. and DC was not having any of this! It was unbearable for us and I’m sure, much worse for the other passengers. This was also back in the days when you were required to hold your children in your lap. This actually worked in my favor because I could sing into his ear with out traumatizing the rest of the passengers with my voice.

“Do your ears hang low?” and only “Do your ears hang low?” was acceptable to DC on this flight. Over and over again. I could not switch to another song.

There was also the time we were driving home from a weekend in Maine – he was probably a year and a half old. This ride should have been our first indication of how the flight would go months later.  I was required to sing “Who are the people in your neighborhood” for hours. I could not deviate from that song. I sang it so many times that I made up an extra verse on the spot. I wish I could remember it as I have to say I remember it being pretty darn good – if I do say so myself.

Music has always been a source of calm for him. It still is. It is also a source of joy. If he is not reading a book (or “playing computer” on the weekends) he is singing and dancing all over the house. Oftentimes he is reading or watching while singing and dancing.

I am so glad that he shares my love of music but more importantly that it is something that can calm him down and soothe him when he really needs it.

– Okay, admit it, you danced to the Spinners………….. I know you did. 

Full Versions (because who wouldn’t want to look at James or Kenny again)

House at Pooh Corner

Sweet Baby James

and the others:

Who are the people in your neighborhood

Do your ears hang low?

5 thoughts on “I got the music in me….

  1. I love that you made up lyrics on the spot. Brilliance and quick on your feet. Lucky boy!

    Doctor Who theme on Pandora? Check. Also Jurassic Park is an absolute must in our house. I sing “Into the West” from the Lord of the Rings as a lullaby. 🙂


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