conversations (2)

At Work:

John: Vick, I just wanted you to explain the payment system we use; is it like PayPal?

    *This is a system that has been in place for the past 3 years and has been explained many times*

Me: I guess you can describe it that way.

John: I just want to be clear about how it works. They can use their credit card, correct?

Me: They can use their credit card or their bank account. (#1)

John: Okay, where is the link?

Me: The payment link is at the bottom left of every invoice.

John: And they can only use a credit card?

Me: No, they can use a credit card or their bank account. (#2)

John: Okay, so if they use the link for, say a deposit, can they use the same link to pay the balance?

Me: Yes, they can.

John: I just wanted to be clear about it before I talk to my client. The link is at the bottom of the invoice and they can only use their credit card……………….


Edited March 2018 to add: (same person)

John: (yells across the office) Vick, did you get an email check from my client?

Me: An email check?

John: Yes. Did you get check through email from my client?

Me: I got a notification that they paid the invoice from their bank account.

John: Huh! I didn’t know that they could do that.


At Work:

I received an e-mail with a secure attachment. I receive this same e-mail every other week with a secure attachment that I open, enter my password and access the information that I need. I have received these specific e- mails with the secure attachment for more than five years.

The e-mail I received on this day did not have the attachment.

I forwarded (not replied, but forwarded) the e-mail back to the sender and explained that the secure attachment was not attached.

The reply:

“But were you able to open the secure document and view it?”


After Work:

DW: I was driving to work and I saw a lot of blue signs – I don’t know what it was all about.

Me: It is Autism Awareness Month (#1). It is probably for “Light it Up Blue”

DW: No, it said something about blue lights all month so it must be for something different, because Autism Awareness is just one day, right?

Me: World Autism Day is one day, but April is Autism Awareness Month (#2).

DW: Well it must be for something else, because the ribbons on the signs were different and it said something about lights all month.

Me: April – which is this month, is Autism Awareness Month! (#3). Where did you see this?

DW: I don’t know!

Me: (??????!!!!!?????)

DW: What?! Why are you looking at me like that? It must be for something else!

Me: I asked you where you saw this and you answered “I don’t know”

*I have to wait for him to stop laughing because as usual he didn’t hear the question but pretended to and gave me a random answer that didn’t make any sense.

DW: It was here on the green, but it must be for something different because it says it runs all month.

Bang Head Here

At Work:

Joe: I didn’t know you were taking the day off. I would not have scheduled this client to come in. (*I have nothing to do with the person coming in, except to supply standard paperwork)

Me: It has been listed on the calendar for months and it was noted at the last meeting.

Joe: Well I don’t check the calendar every five minutes, so you need to tell me when you are going to be out. I wouldn’t have scheduled this client to come in.

Me: Everything you needed for the client was completed before I left. I thought the procedure was to check the calendar before we schedule anything? You wouldn’t  have had to check the calendar every 5 minutes – only once, since it’s been there for months.

Joe: (yelling now) Yes! I’m wrong, but you just left (*at my regularly scheduled time) and sent an e-mail with all of the information I needed – after you left.

Me: I don’t have access to my work e-mail at home, so I didn’t send it after I left, I sent the e-mail reminding you that I would not be here and listing the paperwork that I left for your appointment – while I was still here. 

Joe: (still yelling) Well, I didn’t have time to check my e-mail while you were still here so I didn’t see it until after you left!


At Home:

Me: DC how was work today?

DC: (my 23-year-old son with Autism) Great!

Me: What did you do at work today?

DC: “Scoop the Dirt”

“Water the plants”

“Clean the cart”

Me: What are we doing tonight?

DC: “We going to Best Buddies dance with my friends – lots of food”

Me: Are you going to wear your new suit?

DC: “Yes, look handsome”

and finally…..

a conversation that makes perfect sense…………………………….